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Miracles and Testimonies

Miracles & Testimonies

Dizzy Spells Gone!

Jul 14, 2017

Last year, June/July you and your beautiful wife were in Stilfontein, South Africa at Spirit Word Ministries. I was hoping you would return so I may share my testimony with you face to face. But I was thinking about my healing just now, and decided I want to share it with you now.

So here is my testimony....

It was the saturday, actually about a year ago, I was on my way home from a birthday lunch. As I was driving, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to go to service that night. I contacted a friend to confirm that there would be service that night, which she replied that there was and that MATT SORGER AND HIS WIFE ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!! We were like...AWESOME!!!

So, that night we went to service, and you gave such a wonderful message. I don't remember if you prophersied over people, but I remember, after the message, you prayed. While you were praying, you said this...."there is a lady here, you get sits on your mind like a helmet...God wants to heal you tonight"...well Pastor...I don't know if it was specifically for me, but I thanked God and said "Father, I take this healing for me in Jesus Name....thank you". You see Pastor, for about 6 months I had been suffering with terrible dizzy spells, some days I felt drunk in my head almost all day. I asked God for healing. That night, when you prayed, I recieved my healing.

A few days later, I was standing in the kitchen, and I suddenly realised my dizzy spells were gone! I couldn't even remember when I last had my dizzy spells. It was just GONE!!

It is a year now, and I still have never experienced those dizzy spells...praise be to God!

Our blessing lies in our obedience. Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit, so I could be healed.

I pray you come to South Africa soon again.

Sale of Homes

Jun 26, 2017

I have a Praise Report! I'm a new partner of barely a week or less! And you Matt and Stephanie prayed for their partners and mentioned sales of homes and my brother and I..( this was my moms home who went to be with Jesus a year and 3 months ago) we got an offer and counter offered it and they accepted it! So I'm moving in 47 days! But please pray as I don't know where Im moving yet! I'm happy,excited and alittle scared all at once! It's New Beginnings for me! Which my Pastors wife said it was going to be back in Oct of last year! So...Im happy to be a partner and give you that glorious Praise Report! Ty so much!!

Release of Weariness

May 30, 2017

Last night when you prayed for our group, I was touched for the release of weariness.  I have more energy now to focus on worshiping God and keep my focus on the good things that God has for me to do!  This morning, I received revelation concerning how to feel free from rejection that sneaks up on me.  I finally understand that it is NOT my fault if someone does not accept me when I am truly being kind.  It seems that the bigger picture is that they are rejecting someone that God has created!!!  I imagine that makes God feel sad, so I can let our Father deal with it. That is freeing!!!

Glory to glory to glory!  Thank you for these mentoring classes and for the prayers.

Breaker Anointing

May 25, 2017

Today, experiencing 5-fold ministers, realizing, trying to forgive those in my past, MAD, smartin'off, wanting to pray for them, but dry...then the anointing tonight when you declared and prayed, Jesus was right here holding me close to His heart, and when you spoke to the wound in my heart I felt His healing presence move in to the right side of my heart, His gentle touch healing me, and I'm rejoicing! Seeing Him last week, gentle Shepherd, He took my left hand and led me into breakthrough. Amen

Mentoring on Established Breakthrough

May 24, 2017

Thank you so much for such a wonderful class tonight!  I was really blessed and just experienced the peace of God and so overjoyed to know that God has BREAKTHROUGH on His mind!