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2018 Prophetic Word of the Lord - Feb 17, 2018

In January I was ministering in Houston, TX under an open heaven anointing with visions and revelations for 2018. Below is a portion of that word for YOUR life this year. Please read and receive.

2018 - The Year of Breakthrough & Overtaking Blessings

2018 will be a year of overcoming and overtaking blessings. The blessing of God is going to overcome you and tackle you down! When you recover from that blessing, another one is going to be right behind it! And then another one and another one! You won’t be able to contain the blessings God pours out over your life! This is a year of uncontainable blessings. Psa 23:6

A Launch Year - Your Ceiling is Your Floor

I saw God moving away every obstacle. This is going to be a launch year. You are going to go up like a rocket. The heavens are opened over you. You will be a walking open heaven. There will be no limitations. Those who have felt like they hit a ceiling in their last season and said, “God I don’t think I can overcome this. I don’t think there is anything else You can do in this area of my life,” the limits are coming off. What hindered you in your last season will not be able to follow you into your new place. What you thought was a dead end, is really a new beginning. Your ceiling is becoming your floor! Dead ends will become new beginnings. Isa 40:3

Growing Over Every Hindrance

You will grow over every wall of limitation that has tried to surround your life. God has been causing your roots to go so deep in Him, so your tree can grow higher. This will be a year of great fruitfulness. Despite apparent hindrances that surround your life, you are going to be so fruitful. God is going to cause you to grow over every wall of limitation. Nothing will be able to stop God’s plan for your life. Gen 49:22

A Breakthrough Year

Breakthrough will not just be seen in circumstances around you, but within you. When it looks like nothing is shifting or moving on the outside, there will be great changes happening beneath the surface. Great breakthrough is happening inside of you. God will use apparently negative things to bring increase into your life. Your root system is going deeper so you can go higher. Isa 61:3

New Beginning Year

This is going to be a New Beginning Year. 5778 on the Hebrew calendar. Five is the number of grace. Seven is the number of completion and eight is the number of new beginnings. God is going to complete every work He has started in you. You are also going to finish some assignments God has had you doing. As those things come to completion, there will be new beginnings and new assignments released in your life for God’s Kingdom. Isa 43:19

All Things New

God is making all things new. It’s a clean slate. He’s making your faith new, your heart new, your vision new, your strength new, your hope new, your love new. Everything will be new. He’s making His presence and anointing new in your life. Even your prayer life will be new. This will be a year of complete renewal and restoration as God makes all things new in your life. As God’s river washes over you, you will be healed and restored. Your heart, soul, body, mind and finances will experience restoration. You will experience a reset in these areas of your life. Lost years will be restored to you. Joel 2:25

Plumb Line

God is releasing a plumb line in 2018. God is releasing a standard in the midst of His people. This plumb line will bring a great divine order in God’s house. There will be a great release of God’s blessings and prosperity of spirit, soul and body as things come into heaven’s order. Amos 7:7

Bright and Shining Lamps

You are going to be like a bright and shining lamp for the Lord. You will be so full of light, there will be no darkness in you at all. Everything that is uncovered and exposed in the light of God will become light. You will radiate God’s light from your spirit, soul, body and mind. The enemy will have no landing place in you and you will have great authority in God. Eph 5:13

Reigning as Kings

From the throne room of heaven, in Christ, you will reign as kings with God’s authority. You will have a kingly favor on your life. You will understand what it is to rule from the Throne Room. Favor will attract open doors and divine opportunities to you. Rev 5:10

This is a Year of Great Stewardship of Gifts

You will steward your gifts well. As you give your gift away to others it will increase and multiply. It’s time to radically invest in the lives of others. Do not hide your gift. Do not falsely compare yourself to others. Maximize what God has entrusted to you so it multiplies. Seasons of procrastination and delay are ending. It’s time to move forward with the gifts God has placed inside of you. 1 Peter 4:10

You Will Steward Your Soul Well

Not only will you steward your gifts, but you will be a good steward of your soul. It will be very important to forgive and clear all offenses so your heart is unhindered. Rip up every list you’ve been holding onto. Your thinking will be free from error and deception as God’s truth and word are the foundation of all your thoughts. You will be self restrained and alert for the practice of prayer. Nothing will be able to pull you away from your connection with God. Do not let external drama become your internal drama. Choose to forgive, and love fervently and fiercely. Steward your heart by not only forgiving but praying blessings and happiness on the very ones who have hurt you. It will release an avalanche of blessings on your life. 1 Peter 4:7-8; 1 Peter 3:9

You Will Steward Your Pain with Increased Glory

You will know how to steward your pain. Every time you experience unjust suffering, the glory of God will increase on your life. Rather than getting bitter, you are going to bless, love and go higher. Rather than talking to others about your problems with people, you are going to talk to God and experience a divine exchange. Your frustration and turmoil will be replaced by joy and peace. 1 Peter 4:12-14

2018 will be a year of great breakthrough, overtaking blessings and divine favor. I decree that you will experience the goodness of God over your life this year, in Jesus name.

In January this year I was ministering in Houston, TX under an open heaven anointing with visions and revelations for 2018. I want to get the fullness of this word into your heart so you can connect and experience everything God has for you this year.

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