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Mentoring E-Course - Are You a Feeler?

This resource includes Teaching, Q&A and Prayer & Impartation times.

Are You a Feeler? is for people who are sensitive in the spirit realm. They "feel" things and don't always know what to do with it. Sometimes feelers can also be aware of the demonic and angelic realm. This E-Course teaches you how to overcome all spiritual warfare you may be feeling. Normally: $120 Sale: Only $60 using coupon code MERRY50

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ALL Mentoring E-Courses!

We have 9 Mentoring E-Courses to choose from. Topics include: Deliverance, Identity, Fulfilling Destiny, Discerning of Spirits, Healing & Miracles and MORE!
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ALL Teaching Sets

We have a vast variety of teaching resources that will empower you spiritually. From learning how to live in the glory, to ministering creative miracles, to overcoming offense. I know there are some that will help you right where you are at.
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