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Prophetic Word - No More Drama! - Jun 30, 2018

No More Drama!

You can experience the Presence-Driven Life!

God has spoken to my heart and I have a word from God for you today. NO MORE DRAMA.

It’s time to shut the door on drama. Someone else’s drama does not have to be your drama. It’s time you begin to really steward your soul well, which means you need to guard the peace, joy and presence of God within your heart.

If the enemy can’t hit you directly he will try to stir up whirlwinds all around you. And what you tolerate will only increase. Once you discern what the enemy is doing you can shut it down! You can choose to not open your soul to the drama being stirred up around you.

The enemy’s goal is to drain you of strength and joy. He LOVES drama. He will try to use other people’s choices, attitudes and situations outside of your control to distract you. If your heart is left unguarded you can get pulled in every direction, stressed out and depleted emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Jesus is the Prince and Author of Peace. He calms the storms. He doesn’t stir them up. When you steward your soul well you will guard the peace, joy and abundant life of God within you. You won’t let it be robbed by something that is just not worth your time and energy.

A drama free life is an intentional choice. There will always be people who love drama. But you have to come to a place where you say, “Your drama is not my drama. I love you unconditionally. I pray for you. I bless you. But I’m not letting your drama become my drama.”

Choose today to shut the drama down. Do not react in your flesh. Do not react to anger with anger. Don’t reciprocate an attitude that is flying at you. Choose peace. Choose joy. Choose to respond in the Spirit. Choose to cultivate God’s presence within your soul.

Do not be SOUL-DRIVEN. But be SPIRIT-LED. You can be led by the Spirit in these moments of drama, conflict and stress. It does not have to get the better of you!

Life in the Spirit is the most joyful life you can have. And God wants you to have that LIFE.

I want to sow more of this revelation and truth into your heart and equip you to OVERCOME DRAMA and live a DRAMA FREE LIFE.

One of my favorite teaching series has been The Presence Driven Life. Because when you can be truly led and filled with the Spirit in these day to day situations, that is when the abundant life of Christ becomes real to you.


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