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Understanding Prophetic Realms - NEW Mentoring E-Course - Sep 29, 2018

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I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you. You Can Hear God’s Voice & Prophesy!

God is calling a new breed of Christians to do things they’ve never done before. They will need to hear His voice to know what to do in the times ahead. You won’t be able to carbon copy yourself after someone or something else. You are unique and an original! And God wants to do amazing new things through you.

Do you have a desire to hear and see clearly in the Spirit? Do you want to have such razor sharp prophetic accuracy that you know how to recognize God’s voice when He is speaking to you? Do you want to be able to impart and give life to others through the power of prophecy? Do you want to have the ability to shift your season and the season of others through prophetic decrees? Do you want to be a mouthpiece for God?

I will be doing a special extended mentoring e-course on Understanding Prophetic Realms. This will be a seven session video e-course with teaching, sharing the lessons and insights I’ve learned, a question and answer time, and prayer and personal impartation for you! It will be real, authentic and life changing.

In this Mentoring E-Course you will learn:

    The Foundations for Prophetic Realms
    How to Discern God’s Voice
    How to More Clearly See in the Realm of the Spirit
    Understand the Various Types of Prophetic Realms
    Understanding Your Prophetic Life Message
    Understanding Prophetic Intercession
    How to Shift Things in the Spirit Realm Through Prophetic Decrees
    How to Shift Yourself & Others into Their Destiny and Future
    How to Prophesy the Gold in People
    The Difference Between the Office of a Prophet & the Gift of Prophecy
    How to Discern if You Are in the Office of a Prophet
    How to Operate in Words of Knowledge
    How to Effectively Practice Different Prophetic Realms & Increase in this Gifting

This is a 7 session video & audio mentoring E-Course with Matt Sorger on Moving in Prophetic Realms

Includes: Teaching, Q&A, and Prayer Impartation

Each session includes teaching, personal stories and encounters, secrets Matt has learned in his life and ministry and a time of prayer and impartation. This is great for people who want to learn more how to flow in different prophetic realms. There will also be a BONUS Question and Answer Session with Matt where you will get to ask Matt your personal questions.

Bonus Offer:

Study Notes on Each Session
Special Question & Answer Bonus Session
You will receive the MP4 and MP3 video and audio files at the completion of the E-Course to keep forever.

Dates and Schedule:

Session 1 – Oct 30, Tuesday
Session 2 – Nov 6, Tuesday
Session 3 – Nov 13, Tuesday
Session 4 – Nov 20, Tuesday
Session 5 – Nov 27, Tuesday
Session 6 – Dec 4, Tuesday
Bonus Session 7 – Q&A – Dec 6, Thursday

How It Works: On the video release date you will receive an email at 7pm EST with the video link to watch the new session.

Registration is required.
Cost: $120