Matt Sorger Ministries
MSM Power Prayer Team

MSM Power Prayer Team

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As part of the global Power Prayer Team of Matt Sorger Ministries, you will be connected together with intercessors from around the world agreeing as one to see the purposes of God fulfilled through Matt Sorger Ministries.

With a global mandate to reap the harvest and equip the believer, Matt’s vision and purpose is to see people saved, healed, set free and empowered 
by the Holy Spirit. As part of this strategic prayer team, you will receive weekly prayer updates from the ministry on how you can effectively cover Matt Sorger and the ministry in prayer. You will be provided with a weekly prayer guide that you can incorporate into your daily prayer time, as well as specific prayer points that will be focused 
on the outreach and activity of the ministry.

We believe that nothing happens apart from prayer. As one of MSM’s Global Intercessors, you will be a part of shaping history through prayer. You will help open and prepare the way for God’s power to be released into people’s lives around the world!

Thank you for your prayers! We love and pray for you as well.