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A Pivotal Moment In Our Christian Walk

Mar 16, 2015

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and Stephanie for visiting Adelaide Australia last year at the Field of Dreams church. God used you guys massively to change my life, my walk with Him, as well as the two friends that came with me.

I was the girl that came up and gave Steph a massive hug after the service..don't expect her to remember though. Truth is I had never heard of you until two weeks before you came but I was looking up "breakthrough in identity" and came across your you tube clip. I started to listen and what you said caught my immediate was literally word for word what God has said to me one time I was in a bad situation in 2008. "The enemy will regret the day he messed in your life and what is your greatest weakness will become your greatest area of annointing"..when I heard you say those words I paid close attention, everything else disappeared because I knew it had to be God. Although I had written those words down years earlier and kept them in my heart, I had actually laughed out loud coz it seemed so ridiculous to me.

After I watched the teaching I checked your website to see if you ever travel to Australia and lo and behold you guys were coming to my state in two weeks! Coincidence, I think not lol! So I went to the service that first night with my two friends with a lot of expectation and open heart. We'd never been in a church like Field of Dreams before that was so open to the Holy Spirit, it was a completely new experience for us and it blew our minds. I laid aside my fears because of past teachings about Holy Spirit and was truly open because of the words you had spoken and the fact it couldn't have been a coincidence you were there. I was able to attend the first two evenings with my friend and both nights I had encounters with God that changed my life...and so did both of my friends!

My friends and I found ourselves laughing with such joy and felt the Holy Spirit in a way that we never had before..I ended up on the floor with one of my friends and God ministered me deeply...I got up changed, everyone around me has noticed...and its all three of us! So much peace and JOY and HUNGER to know Jesus more! I've never enjoyed my life and walk with Jesus as much as I do now. I'm overflowing!! We are operating in all kinds of spiritual gifts and worship fills our house day and night! We are always giving thanks that you guys was a pivotal moment in our Christian walk..I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching us and drawing us closer to God.