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Constant Awareness of His Presence

Mar 17, 2015

When you finished praying for my friend Deborah, and soon as you turned around, I literally felt this thick, liquid, anointing leave you and hit me until it just enveloped me.

Since then, I cannot stop twitching, shaking and saying ‘ho ho ho’….lol. I woke up shaking. I'm driving shaking. What's been so awesome is this constant awareness of his Presence around me all day. And if anyone walks in front of my path, I find myself in intercession for them, even if it lasts for a few minutes or few seconds.

And for the first time today,  when I prayed over my son, I saw in the spirit, the type of life God has designed for this child to live…a boy who would grow up as one who “KNOWS HIS GOD”. It was so mind-blowing. And the best part about it, he didn’t resist me praying for him as he usually does. As a matter of fact, he fell right asleep, under the anointing.   Praise Jesus! Thank you so much.