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Getting “Whomped”

Jun 2, 2014

Katie and I had an amazing time [at this past conference] and it was so good to see everyone. I really got "whomped" during the impartation -- I don't know exactly what the Holy Spirit did but, I know He did something! Oh man, the glory was awesome the throughout the weekend.  We felt so blessed when we were heading home.

Our church had a great service this weekend too. During the week I felt the Lord was putting the word "presence" in my spirit so I started preparing a message. On Thursday, I used part of the message for a men's group. A lot of the guys in the group were touched by the message and crying. After that I wasnt sure if it was just for that meeting or still for Sunday too.

During worship on Friday, the Holy Spirit told me I want you to have a worship service for everyone to be in My Presence.The next day when Apostle Barbra Yoder said that sometimes you have to stay in worship I knew that was confirmation. I asked our worship team if they would mind changing to an extended period of worship. They are youth and young adults so I didn't want to overwhelm them so I was ecstatic that they readily agreed and were excited about it.

I was a little nervous when I got up to speak because I didnt know exactly what was going to happen. We just kept worship going and opened up the alter for everyone.  I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to go and pray for everyone in the service so I did. The first girl I felt lead to pray for is 16 years old who has been going through alot. As I started praying, I felt the Lord giving me things to say to speak over her life. She started crying immediately. I prayed for over 15 people, they all were really touched and God gave me something to speak over all of them. After 6 months, we had our first person kneeling at the alter. I am so happy God always shows up.

Thank you again for an awesome conference and we love you and are praying for ya!