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God Has Restored The Light Within Me

Jan 25, 2015

Walking into the service I felt disconnected and felt like distancing myelf with the body of Christ. I felt in my spirit so resistant to everything the Lord was saying. I was sick for 8 months. I was in and out of the hospital, stricken with anxiety so thick I was hallucinating. I was literally wrapped in darkness.

Coming into this service, I've still been struggling with anxiety and like I said I have been wrapped in darkness. When I was touched by God, He showed me this metal vest and how the enemy's placed it there. It's been getting tighter to where I was just going to walk away from God. But He reached in and pulled out the light and I saw it come up my throat and out my mouth. Worshipping and preaching. God has restored the light within me and is pulling out my calling! Praise Jesus!