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I Am A New Woman

Mar 28, 2014

I suffered from chronic neck and back pain, ovarian cysts, PTSD and depression.

Matt was talking about lightning and Holy Spirit wind. I felt the wind sweeping over me gently at first then stronger. I fell over, slain in the Spirit. I cried for a short period then the spirit of laughter over came me. Matt was still praying about cysts and tumors, cancer and pain, and I saw a beautiful lightning bolt shoot at me. I was totally zapped again and couldn't stop laughing.

Afterwards I felt great! No more neck or back pain and I truly believe the ovarian cysts are gone. Jesus is great! I also felt many chains of bondage being removed one by one from Jesus. Again I was overcome with a few tears, overwhelming love and joy from Jesus and laughter. No more depression; pain - emotional, physical and mental - Jesus truly set me free. Matt had a word of knowledge for more anointing for my friend Pam and I. I Literally felt oil upon oil being poured over me from the top of my head down to my toes.

Again, I was slain in the Spirit and joy and laughter arose in me. I am a new woman and truly received all Jesus wanted for me! More is coming and He told me to get ready and be open as He is bringing me a husband He had picked and chose for me. We will reach masses through ministry, healing, etc...and have lots of children, especially orphans, to love. What an awesome, powerful, loving God we have and what a mighty encounter!!!