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I Felt A Pop

Dec 3, 2013

I had been fighting an unknown virus for about a year which came on suddenly and doctors didn't know what was wrong. I had gotten over that but still had issues with my ear. A few days before Matt's meeting I was diagnosed with otosclerosis. My hearing was diminishing and very plugged. There is not really a whole lot to be done with this sort of thing.

Anyway, Matt said someone had received a diagnosis this week and your ears are opening and becoming unplugged. At that moment I felt a pop. I knew I was healed not to mention I was the only person in the room that responded to exactly what his word of knowledge was for healing. Further, my husband had been having pain in his foot and he called out his foot and he was healed. Then a good friend that I've traveled with to mission field etc. had been fighting chronic fatigue and she was called out. We had all been praying together believing for our healings. And it seemed God orchestrated the service for us. Thanks, and many blessing to y'all.