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I Was Never The Same Again

Jun 21, 2013

I remember as a young Christian back then randomly searching and watching videos on YouTube. This was the first video that exposed me to the move of the Spirit and what God's doing in the nation, spreading fire revivals.

I was entirely hooked to the video and I knew that there was a cry inserted into me, that "There must be something more than what I've seen and received." I became really curious and I wanted to find out why and how the people were feeling, and why God would touch them that way, given that I haven't really witnessed anything of that kind in that point of time.

Right now, I'm really thankful that I can say that God has given me an awesome encounter with Him, especially the first time when I felt Him so strongly. It was such a glorious encounter, and I knew from that day on, I was never the same again. And, as much as I'll never stop thanking Him for every past encounters, I'll want something fresh again.

Lastly, thanks Matt Sorger for your ministry and the obedience you have towards the calling of God upon your life. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!