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Joey Would Never Be The Same

Sep 23, 2013

I wanted to take the time to let you know how your ministry has effected my life. I first saw you on Sid Roth in 2011 and was amazed by how God was using you in healing; specifically the lepers in India. I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church as well and when I became an adult moved on to nondenominational churches. I knew that God answered prayers…but healing lepers of leprosy I had never heard of!!! This really quickened my spirit to desire doing the work of Jesus. I believe your book was the first item I had ordered off of Christian television…I can remember having spiritual envy and thinking…I want God to use me the way He uses that guy. Fast forward to 2013, you visited my church, Houston Revival Center.

That weekend I had my boys half brother (was my stepson as I am now divorced), Joey (12) who I love as if he were my very own. His father, my ex-husband, pretty much abandoned him after we separated in 2010. Saturday night before service Joey and I stayed up late painting (after my two younger sons had gone to bed) and I starting talking to him about Jesus. I told him about your ministry and let him know that you would be the guest speaker at our church in the morning. I asked him if he would like to go. He said yes! I told him that I wanted him to do what ever comes naturally and to not feel pressured to do anything he was uncomfortable with (though we had her consent, premeditating how his mother might react). During worship, he asked me when church was going to start (he has also grown up in the Roman Catholic Church). I said, do you want to hear Matt Sorger's testimony. He said yes. So I gave him my iPad and headphones and let him watch the Sid Roth episode I had watched in 2011. Shortly thereafter you started preaching.

At one point you invited the Holy Spirit in, as I sat there concerned on what Joey was thinking, he said "Mary, did you feel that?". I can not explain the joy in my heart. Toward the end of service, you invited everyone up for prayer, I immediately went up……and a few minutes later realized Joey was beside me with his hands raised. God went straight after him, you prayed over him and he was immediately hit by the Power of God. He was down for a while, when he got back up, he began to worship. I waited a few minutes and asked him "how are you doing" and as he began to answer he and tell me what he had experienced….you came around again and said "God has more"….this time he was out with his mouth wide open on the floor…….it was beautiful!!!

That whole day we hung out around the house as he asked me questions and I used the Bible as my guide in explaining what he had experienced. I knew that Joey would never be the same. He wanted to come back with me that evening, but his mom was ready for him to come home. Unfortunately, his mom was not as accepting of the new Joey and said that my church scared him. I explained to her, as I did Joey, that everything Joey experienced is in the Bible and attempted to show her……it did not go over so well….so I had to let God be my defender. Since then, she has calmed down a bit, but still will not allow Joey to go to church with me, however, I know nothing and no one will every be able to take away what happened to Joey in that service….he is forever changed!!! His mom keeps telling me that he is not the same since he went to my church....and I just say Thank You Jesus!! God has me in transition and is opening doors for me as I am standing on His Word as well learning to "pull my future into my now". Thank you for all your are doing and I look forward to seeing you again in November.