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Living A Normal Life

Jan 26, 2015

About 5 years ago, me and my dad came to New York to Matt Sorger to an Open Heavens conference. Two years earlier, my daughter Tish gave birth to a boy out of wedlock and gave him up for adoption. She came to the conference from New Jersey. About a year later, they got in touch with us because Jason (the baby) had been sick and needed a family history. My husband's side of the family had kidney trouble. So then Jason had kidney trouble. His kidney levels were low and he had a feeding tube and weight loss.

So when the conference came up, God spoke to us about going and I had a handkerchief that had been prayed over I brought with me to the conference every night and day. So we got a call from the adopted parents that we could see Jason so we asked the parents before they left if I could pray with Jason with the handkerchief and we belied that God would heal him in the name of Jesus.

Today he is 8 years old and living a normal life. We give glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ!