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Man Healed of Cancer!

Dec 18, 2014

Meet Larry. (on right)

When you came to Hawaii for our Awakening Conference, Larry was determined to come out.  Suffering from Prostate Cancer that had spread to his bones (neck, shoulder, and leg), he was in a desperate place physically, though his heart was full of hope in Jesus. His leg hurt so badly he almost didn't make it to the conference, but he grabbed a cane and showed up.

On Sat night (2/8/14) in the Spirit you called out healing for cancer and Larry went up.  Afterward, he knew something happened because he walked out without needing the cane!  On Sunday (2/9/14) he had a previously scheduled MRI.  On Monday he got a call from his doctor who said, "I don't believe it."

"Don't believe what?" Larry thought to himself.  "You don't believe how the cancer has now spread to my leg? Is that it?"

The doctor continued: "I don't believe it! There is absolutely NO cancer in your leg!  It's not in your bone. There's no cancer even in the soft tissue!"  Larry immediately explained how he got prayed over in church.  And the DOCTOR said, "Then this is a miracle."

But that's not all! Is there cancer still in his body?

Matt, when you were training to be a doctor, do you remember what a PSA blood test is?  PSA stands for "Prostate Specific Antigen."  It's a protein that all men have in their prostate.  The normal level in the blood is between 1-4. Larry's lab reports from last fall showed that he was in SERIOUS trouble:

On 9/13 his PSA level was 76.2.
10/18: 145.2
11/18: 220.7
By Christmas 2013 he was at 357.8.

His PSA test indicate he had serious cancer spreading all over his body. Then came the Awakening Conference Feb 7-9, 2014. The final PSA report on March 7, 2014 shows that his PSA level is 1.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Completely normal.  Larry was HEALED by the power of Jesus.

Now Larry prays for all his other friends!  He's reaching out to other cancer patients! Spreading hope! And the compassion of God. HALLELUJAH!