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Partnering with God

Apr 8, 2013

I'm so happy to share my testimony of God's Love for His children ~ when we give back, as Jesus encouraged us to do (Matthew 10:41) and being obedient to Him.

There are two consecutive God interventions in our family's financial area, after being a part of support of God's work, through MSM. The first one refers to Angel Week on GOD TV, where Matt Sorger beautifully explained how big is our God, who can bless us (financially) from unknown and unexpected sources. Through Matt's words, the Lord prompted me to become a so-called GOD TV angel. On March 22nd, three days later, a family member unexpectedly received a fifty-fold return on what was planted into good ground.

The second divine intervention is in connection with the income tax assessment (to pay), which was five-fold lower than previously expected. I believe that this is only one of many rewards because of being directly in partnership with God.