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The Touch My Heart And Spirit So Desperately Needed

May 7, 2015

I just wanted to take the time and so sincerely Thank you guys for joining us this past weekend in Lyttleton. Our church so desperately needed a breathe of fresh air and you two are such incredible carriers of God's breathe and Glory! I wanted to take a minute to share with you my experience to encourage you. Matt prayed over me Saturday evening and I have NEVER felt anything like that in ALL of my Christian life. It was truly one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I almost didn't even know what to do with myself if that makes any sense, the power of God was so strong. He would simply walk by me and I would just feel the wave of Glory passing me by. Matt, you have a true gift and an incredible anointing!

That evening I went home, still slightly "disoriented" if you will and got into bed thinking I would listen to the "Healing in his Wings" CD and fall asleep peacefully. The CD was SO powerful and so anointed that within minutes I rolled out of my bed and onto my bedroom floor under the power of God. Waves just rolled over me and through me and this lasted for hours. I slept maybe 2 hours that evening! I was wide awake at sunrise completely rested and cleaned my entire house at 6a.m. Praise the Lord! haha God is good and I felt a powerful deliverance take place in me that I had been yearning desperately for. I am relatively new to Christianity having been just born again about four years ago through an encounter with Holy Spirit. I have been praying for more and knowing God was yearning to take me to a new place. This is just the touch my heart and spirit so desperately needed to move on up! My spirit was desperate for it.

My sincere and heartfelt thank you for allowing yourselves to be true vessels of God's purity and glory. I know the journey is never easy and the path is narrow but the Lord is so well pleased. I will be holding you two precious soul's up in prayer as you continue your travels. Love & Best Wishes to you both. We will be begging Vaden to have you two back SOON