Matt Sorger Ministries

China Mission

The Problem

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake of epic proportions devastated China, leaving more than 5.5 million people homeless. Not only were millions left homeless, but children lost parents and families in the quake, leaving behind a group of orphaned children.

The Solution

Matt Sorger Ministries has partnered together with Chinese Christian relief workers to help rebuild homes for those who have been left homeless.

Matt Sorger Ministries has also helped equip and impart the word of God and the Holy Spirit to pastors and leaders in the House Church Movement.

Here’s a report from our trip there:


Our ministry in China took on several different dynamics. One of our major focuses was spending time with what many in the west call the “underground church.” In China they prefer to call it the “house church.” We also had the opportunity to visit with a government church. The government church is known as the Three Self Church.  
Government churches are registered with the government and have some regulations placed upon them. They are also much more conservative in nature. The house church movement is not officially registered with the government and as a result they have much more freedom of worship. They are not restricted in what they can preach nor how they can worship. 



It was quite an adventure ministering in the house church meetings. We began with a house church conference for pastors, leaders and workers that ministered in the earthquake region of China. This was one of our largest gatherings with around 100 in attendance. For a house church meeting this is definitely on the large size. Most house church meetings are from 10-15 people. I ministered on the glory and power of the Holy Spirit in the first meeting. Shortly after this meeting officials came and shut the conference down. Our meetings were reported and we were forced to disband. I can’t share anymore about what happened due to the security risks of such information. Our intercessors were praying fervently for us from home and we were able to continue our trip in China. 

A door that God opens no man can shut. The heart of the Chinese believer does not give up easily. As the meetings were disbanded we all got into our cars and scattered throughout the city. Plans were quickly underway by cell phone on how and where we could meet for an alternative meeting place. The regional zoo became the place. About an hour later we relocated at the zoo and enjoyed the cute animals. We soon found a quiet and secluded place within the zoo to gather as a group. Here I continued to teach on the Person of the Holy Spirit and how to live a life filled with His presence and power. 

Throughout the week we ministered in several more house church meetings. Some of these meetings were also intercepted by officials and needed to be reorganized in other locations. We met in houses and hotel rooms. The leaders shared with me that they had never heard teaching like this before on the Holy Spirit. Although they knew about living a crucified and sacrificial life, they had never received teaching on how to live in intimacy with the Holy Spirit and how to live a life filled with His glory, presence and power. Even the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was a new topic for many of them. I was surprised to find this out, but also rejoiced that a new spiritual hunger was being imparted into them for more. It seems that even much of the house church in China is conservative and has not received full revelation on living in God’s glory, being filled with the Holy Spirit and living in God’s grace and power. Many requested prayer to receive a fuller infilling of God’s presence and power in their lives.

Many of the leaders asked if we would return to China to give more training and impartation. We also had the privilege of meeting several key house church leaders from other parts of China who also would love for us to come back into their regions in future trips.



Besides our time in teaching and impartation, we were also able to see firsthand the humanitarian outreaches the church is involved with. In 2009, Chengdu was ravaged by a 8.0 earthquake affecting over 11 million people in China. Over 5 million lost their homes in a matter of minutes and over 80 thousand lost their lives during this natural disaster. Children were left without parents. The devastation was cataclysmic. 

Many Christians felt the call of God to go and help rebuild and restore the lives that were impacted by the earthquake. We met personally with pastors and leaders who left their house churches as well as government churches to come and build homes and provide supplies for these devastated families. We visited several relief sites where new homes were being built. The Chinese government has done a wonderful job in supplying aid and support in rebuilding the devastated areas. However, due to the immense size of the damage, it just isn’t enough. 


The church in China has seized this moment of opportunity to show and reveal the love of Jesus. As a ministry, we have entered into partnership with this relief work and thanks to our wonderful partners and those who are moved by the heart of God to show the love of Jesus with action, we have been able to sow much needed finances into this relief work to help build homes for families that have nothing to rebuild their lives with. 
I just received a report from the relief workers that due to our financial giving they are able to begin new projects that had to go on hold due to lack of finances. None of the relief workers have been paid since February 2012 due to a lack of finances and have been working for free! 

As homes are built, opportunities arise to share the gospel on a personal level. Not only are these workers practically rebuilding people’s lives, but they are also sharing the love and power of the gospel with people so much in need.

Thank you friends and partners who are helping us help people! 



During our time visiting these relief sites, God gave us supernatural entry into the epicenter of the earthquake region. We were given access into a place where no foreigners are allowed. It was like a ghost town. No one was there. Buildings were destroyed, piles of rubble were everywhere. As we continued up into the mountain region we came across a school being run by Christians who are caring for children who were impacted by the earthquake. Some of them lost parents and family members. This school is providing education and community for these precious children. I got to spend time with them and even played a game of tag with them as we ran around the rubble together. I love children and the joy they possess! 

We were able to also sow finances into the work being done with the children of the earthquake devastation. You are helping us rebuild the lives of these precious little ones. Thank you so much.


If you would like to continue to support what God is doing around the world and help us help people and see lives transformed you can still sow a seed into MSM. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Map of Area

Below is a map of the general area of where our mission is located: