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Rescue1 Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship will contribute towards providing a child with a home, food, clothing, education, and medical care.

The Mission

To be born poor in our world is to be born vulnerable and in danger of exploitation. Rescue1 is a sponsorship and outreach program of MSM. We have opened homes to rescue and care for sex trafficked children, HIV infected children, and orphaned children.

The Problem

Sex Slave Children

  • More than three million prostitutes in India. 40% are children under 18. 
  • The Devadasi System: Hindu parents marry a daughter to a temple deity. The marriage occurs before the girl reaches puberty and requires her to become aprostitute for upper-caste members.
  • Sex traffickers target these girls and sell them into brothels in the red light districts of Mumbai and Delhi.

HIV Children

  • There are an estimated 5.7 million people with HIV in India. 15% of them are children under the age of 15. 
  • Adults and children with HIV are treated as untouchables.
  • These children don't receive the proper medical attention and many are orphaned. 

Orphan and Street Kids

  • There is an estimated 15-25 million orphans in India. 
  • There children are denied the most basic rights of survival and protection. 
  • They are especially vulnerable to victimization and sexual and labor exploitation.

The Solution

Our MSM India team focuses on rescuing children at risk in the impoverished communities of Andhra Pradesh. We rescue children from ages 4-18. We also provide self-employment opportunities to families as a means of helping them out of poverty. Our children are taken care of in multiple full care facilities where they receive food, shelter, clothing, emotional restoration, medical care, education, and vocational training. Each experience the love of Christ and go on to live successful and productive lives.


The story of Nirmala:
"I was born in a family where my mother and I used to make money by nude dancing in villages. One night we were attacked by a gang and my mother and I were brutally raped. My mother was killed, but I escaped death. I was mentally and emotionally wounded. I was rescued and taken to live in a Rescue1 home with other girls like me. Since then I've been counseled, prayed for, and shown the truth of how God sees me."

The story of Enosh: 
"I lost my mother when I was 2 years old and my father was an alcoholic. He didn't take proper care of me. He used to make me beg on the streets and buy alcohol with the money. One day, he left me on the street and never returned. I was found and saved by Rescue1 and now I feel safe. I have come to know that Jesus loves me."

There are several ways you can sponsor a child.

1. Credit / Debit Card and eCheck

You may have your credit/debit card automatically deducted each month. For your convenience monthly donations can be made with MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express. You can also set up your monthly donation to come right out of your checking or savings account with our eCheck option.

2. Check or Money Order

You may send in a check or money order each month to Matt Sorger Ministries. You may also have an automated check sent directly through your bank each month. (US Banks Only)

3. PayPal

We prefer you to use option 1 but if you live outside the US and have to use PayPal, we have made this option available to you. Click here to sign up as a sponsor through PayPal.

4. One Time Donation

If you'd like to sponsor a child by donating one time to cover a child for an entire year, click here.

If you are unable to sponsor a child at this time but would like to make a donation towards Rescue1, please use the link below.

Map of Area

Below is a map of the area where our missions are generally located: