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The Mission

Feeding The Poor In Israel - Blessing the Children of Isaac & Ishmael

Matt Sorger Ministries is partnering with the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem and this outreach of love to the poor in Israel.

The Problem

Over 1,651,300 Israeli citizens (Jew & Arab) live below the poverty line. Many are children who do not regularly have even 1 hot meal a day. Many are elderly holocaust survivors who can't afford basic groceries, or are too ill to take care of themselves. New olim (immigrants) come to make aliyah (become citizens of Israel) with almost no money; some escaping extreme persecution and poverty with only the clothes on their backs.

The Solution

Join us in faith and pray for Jerusalem, combining it with works as we help feed the most needy among them. Together, we'll affect change with the goal of feeding 1,000 families during the High Holy days. Through this initiative, all citizens of Israel - Jews and Arabs alike - who are suffering in poverty, can receive assistance and food.


To feed 1,000 families over the High Holy Days. Join us as we help feed the needy in Israel. Through this initiative, all citizens of Israel who are suffering in poverty can receive assistance and food.

Be the answer to your prayers, one meal at a time

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The ultimate solution for peace in this region is God's peace plan.  Faith + Works = Change is the next step to this, through feeding the hungry in the name and love of Jesus.

*Based on report by the Israel National Insurance Institute on November 2, 2009.
Feed a family of 5 for only:

  • $189 = food for 1 week
  • $36 = food for 1 day
  • $72 = food for 2 days
  • $18 = 1 meal

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Matt Sorger Ministries believes in supporting and blessing Israel. Our heart is that Israel will come to know the love of her Messiah. MSM leads teams into Israel. During these trips we not only visit the historic sites of Christ, but we also spend time in strategic prayer, worship, and ministry in the Land. We meet with key leaders and support the work of ministries within Israel.

If you’d like to join us in a trip to the Holy Land visit our Missions Trips page by

Map of Area

Below is a map of the general area of where our mission is located: