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Into the Holy of Holies with Matt - Aug 30, 2006

Matt Sorger’s mom was dramatically healed by the power of the Holy Spirit when he was 14 years old. Since then hunger for God’s Presence and Glory have been the driving force in his life, Matt said when he visited Denmark.

By Mette Schwartz And Henri Nissen
Source: Danish Newspaper “Udfordringen” August 30 - 2006

When Matt Sorger’s mom received healing during a Mass in a Catholic Church, she was knocked back ten feet by the invisible power of the Holy Spirit. “It was actually a quiet Catholic mass,” Matt said when we met him in Kolding, “my mom went forward to receive prayer from the priest who was filled with the Holy Spirit.”

“When the priest prayed for her, the power of the Holy Spirit came and threw her more than ten feet back through the air. Her whole body was shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit. She thought she had died and gone to Heaven, because she had no idea what was going on. She had never experienced the Holy Spirit before. But when she got up she was completely healed,” Matt Sorger said.

The Whole Family Receives Jesus

That very week, Matt, his father and the rest of his family received Jesus. The mother’s healing convinced them. Matt Sorger was only 14 years old.

“From that moment I became very hungry for God. I always had a desire to get closer to the Holy Spirit and I pressed in to get a hold of God,” said a smiling Matt, who today is 33 years old and has a worldwide healing and prophetic ministry.

Danish Event Coordinator

In the Spring, Kim Nielsen of Denmark moved with his wife and two daughters to Long Island, NY, where Matt Sorger is based. Kim works there as the Event Coordinator and helps arrange Matt’s meetings.

Matt’s parents were also with Matt in Denmark. They quit their jobs a few years ago and now work fulltime with Matt.

Was Frustrated with God

“As a young person, I prayed for people and nothing happened. I was frustrated,” Matt admitted. However he chose not to give up: “I pressed in more after God. I loved the feeling of God’s presence during corporate church meetings. I loved to worship God. But when I came home and sat down on my bed and wanted to talk with God, I didn’t feel anything…it was just dry.” “I said, ‘God, I want you here when I’m alone like I have you at the meetings in the church with the others.’”

Therefore Matt made a decision. He got a little tape recorder, put a worship tape in and started to listen to the music from the church during his personal prayer time.

“I sang the same songs as at church when I was alone. Day after day I went into my room and listened to the worship music, and I felt absolutely nothing. But I decided to still worship God, even though I didn’t feel anything. Day after day, week after week and month after month. Nothing!

“Some people give up, because they don’t feel anything. You must not give up. You have to keep pressing in. It’s like when you are digging a well and some dirt is in it. You dig and dig, until you finally hit the water. That was what I did.”


“But four months later I was standing in my room, and I remember that moment, where my hands were lifted in worship and I sang the same song I had sung a million times, and suddenly something happened. I could feel something over my head opening up, and I could feel God’s presence coming down from my head and down over my body.

“Wow, I thought. I was about 16 years old when Heaven opened over me, and God’s glory came down upon me and I was caught up into His presence – into the Holy of Holies. Since that day it has been like this – when I just whisper the name Jesus, the same thing happens. I can feel the person of the Holy Spirit coming over me.

“Once I wanted to test and see if God would come. I was a college student at the time, and I was standing and doing my laundry. I thought to myself, ‘Holy Spirit, I wonder if you would come and be with me now here in the laundry room?’

“I can still remember the sound of the washer as I lifted my hands in worship and said ‘Jesus.’ And, in that same moment the Holy Spirit came upon me in the laundry room, and I thought, ‘God can even come into a laundry room.’

“Then I realized, that in the moment you lift up your heart in worship to Jesus, no matter the time or place, the presence of the Holy Spirit will come.

“It was a big breakthrough in my life as a teenager. I kept on seeking God’s presence. I didn’t seek a ministry. I didn’t even know I was called to one. I just loved Jesus and wanted more of His presence. It wasn’t complicated. I just continued to spend time with the Holy Spirit.

People Fell…

“Then some years went by. I was 19 years old and I started to pray for people. Suddenly they began to fall down when I prayed for them, and I was surprised: What is happening?
Others asked, ‘Matt, why are people falling down?’ I answered: “I don’t know.” And at that time I really didn’t know. I was shocked the first time somebody fell down, and I just looked at my hand and said, ‘Wow, Jesus, that’s cool.’

“I began to see the power of the Holy Spirit touch people, and they started to be healed and set free from demons, and they had a breakthrough of God’s presence in their lives. People get healed through a strong encounter with the Holy Spirit,” Matt says.

“Just one touch of God’s glory can change your life forever. I’ve seen it happen. I have seen people go to counseling for years – people who have been sexually abused and had their lives totally destroyed. When God’s power hits them, they are set free. They get healed and completely transformed in an instant. I have seen it happen.

Bigger Ministry

“When I followed God’s call, I became an assistant pastor in a church where I was for about five years. But four years ago God changed my ministry and said, ‘Matt, I want to send you out in a healing and prophetic ministry. You will start traveling around and spread the fire of the Holy Spirit.’

“It is hard to start a traveling ministry, if you don’t know any pastors or churches. You can’t just open the doors by yourself. God has to do that. But one thing I’ve learned, and that is that the anointing will make the way for you. When it is God’s call and plan, He we will make sure it happens.

“Suddenly the doors opened and people started to invite us. God’s power hit, and revival broke out. People saw miracles. It was great. And I was the one who was the most shocked.

A Zone of Glory

“When you grow in the presence of the Holy Spirit a zone of God’s glory will manifest around you, and that zone can be expanded. That’s why I sometimes don’t have to lay my hands on people. God’s glory increases, and expands out in the room and touches people further away, and sometimes it can touch a whole congregation at one time.”