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We Need Mentors - Dec 7, 2007

By Matt Sorger

GOD IS RAISING UP A NEW generation today. Emerging Christian leaders in their 20s and 30s are going beyond the walls of church buildings to invade every area of society. I am excited to be a part of this movement. We are taking a relevant gospel message that is combined with the raw power of God.

But we don't want to do this alone! We desperately need mature, godly leaders who can steer us through the mine fields of this challenging season. God is calling true apostolic fathers and mothers to rise to the occasion to equip and nurture younger leaders so they can fulfill God's purposes for their generation.

One generation must build upon the legacy of another. The older generation's ceiling can become the floor for the younger generation to build upon. To successfully transition the church into this new season of exponential multiplication and impact, three principles are crucial for us to understand and practice.

Today's generation is relational. Young emerging leaders desire a relationship with the seasoned leaders God has raised up in the church. We want the older generation's blessing. We don't expect perfection in our mentors and spiritual mothers and fathers. We simply desire their love, support and encouragement. We want to learn from their successes as well as their mistakes.  We honor and love our spiritual leaders and we crave trans­parency, openness and a new level of vulnerability. I believe such love and authenticity is possible between the generations.

This emerging generation truly desires to build the kingdom of God alongside the older generation. What we as sons and daughters are looking for are authentic spiritual parents who can help show us the way and encourage us to pursue our dreams.

True apostolic fathers and mothers don't use control, fear, insecurity or jealousy to lead others. These things stifle the growth of God's kingdom. God is raising up leaders who lead with the heart of David, not the tactics of Saul.  Saul became jealous when he learned of David's success. Out of fear, insecurity and envy he sought to remove a possible threat to his kingdom. Seasoned leaders must never be threat­ened by the anointing or success of an emerging leader.  Leaders must be releasers, not con­strictors. A true father wants his son or daughter to succeed. Love is not threat­ened by success but rejoices with it.  Insecurity, fear or jealousy in the heart of any leader is detrimental to the health and life of the church. We must move beyond ourselves so we can effec­tively minister with a pure heart to see the church truly become what God has intended it to be.

We must also move beyond simply "releasing" this generation to "do their thing." God is bringing a strong para­digm shift in the hearts of many leaders on this key issue. It's not just about releasing; it's also about sending. There is a big difference.  This shift could mark the beginning of a new level of spiritual multiplication and acceleration. Leaders must be intentional in looking for those to mentor and train. We must not use emerging leaders simply to build our own ministries, even though God may have them serve in supportive roles for a season. We must take the time to discover their spiritual gifts and help them get where God is ultimately calling them to be.  For too long we have repeated the age-old pattern of cutting off those God is calling us to raise up. Perhaps out of a sense of rejection we interpret their vision as a betrayal of our own. But God wants leaders who know how to steward the people He entrusts to them to train.

This is the mark of a selfless leader: He uses the influence God has given him to propel people forward, not to hold them down. The true mark of leadership is when God allows you to use your platform to launch others into their destinies.
This relational, selfless style of leader­ship will empower us to make quantum leaps forward in reaching the world with the gospel. Older and younger genera­tions must work and serve together to see the Great Commission fulfilled. Let's do it!


Pick Up Your Mantle - Nov 20, 2007

By Matt Sorger

All throughout Church history men and women have partnered with God to see great movements of His Spirit released in the earth. God is still looking for such individuals today.

The Lord used the picture of Kathryn Kuhlman to symbolically speak to me that there is once again about to be released a mantle similar to the one this great woman of God wore.

God is doing a new thing in our day – and He is using old mantles to do it. Learn how you can pick up the mantle God desires to release over your life and step into a new wave of signs, wonders, and miracles.

Right now, there are mantles hovering over the Body of Christ waiting to be released, and God is looking for those He can place them on. Some mantles will resemble things we have seen before, while others will empower people to do things that have never been done before.

All throughout Church history men and women have partnered with God to see great movements of His Spirit released in the earth. God is still looking for such individuals today. You can be one of them!

When the mantle fell from Elijah, Elisha had to bend down and pick up that mantle. When he did, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Elisha had to be in the right place at the right time. It required persistence, determination and faithfulness on his part so he would be correctly positioned to receive the mantle when the time came for it to be released. The same is true for us. It does matter where you are and who you are hanging out with! Some visitations from the Lord require you being in a specific place at a specific time. It is crucial we are where God wants us to be.

I know each time I have received a mantle from the Lord it has been in a specific place and time. For example, the Lord led me to be in Moriah Chapel in Wales during the 100 year anniversary of the Welsh Revival. This was the location where the Revival of 1904 broke out – impacting millions of souls around the world. It was during this special time of prayer that I had a deep encounter with the Revival Mantle. This was the mantle Evan Roberts, the 27 year old revivalist wore, transforming the entire culture and society of Wales. During my prayer time I could physically feel a blanket-like garment being draped over my legs and around my waist. God gave me a very deep revelation on the true meaning of revival. I came to understand from John 13:4-5 that true mantles of power must be worn with humility and servanthood. This was the mantle Jesus wore when He girded Himself with a towel and washed His disciples’ feet. It was significant that the mantle was draped over my waist and legs. True revival is marked with deep humility.

Another time I was in Europe ministering with an evangelist friend in Estonia who was doing some large evangelistic crusades when the Mass Crusade Mantle came upon me. I was standing on the platform when it happened. The anointing for miracles and mass salvation came into the meeting. As I was standing on the right side of the platform, it felt like someone placed a blanket over my head, shoulders and arms. There was a new mantle for mass crusades being placed on my life. This mantle was released in the midst of the glorious atmosphere of a mass crusade meeting. I was in the right place at the right time. Just three months later I held my first mass crusade in India. Multitudes were saved, healed of sickness and delivered from demonic oppression!

The Lord recently spoke to me in a dream where He showed me one of the mantles about to be released over the corporate Body of Christ. In my dream I was in a house full of people. I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. When I opened the door a very elderly woman was standing there. She looked like she was just about to pass over into eternity. She could barely stand. I instantly recognized her. She was a very old Kathryn Kuhlman. I reached down and put my arms under her, picked her up and carried her into the house. As I stepped over the threshold into the house I awoke from my sleep. For weeks I prayed over this dream asking God for understanding. As I waited on the Lord He began to unfold its meaning to me.

The Lord used the picture of Kathryn Kuhlman to symbolically speak to me that there is once again about to be released over the Church a mantle that is similar to the one this great woman of God wore. It is a Mantle of Glory and Creative Miracles. Not only will it release mass miracles, but it is deeply connected to our level of intimacy with the Person of the Holy Spirit. It is a mantle of extraordinary power as well as deep intimacy with God. This mantle releases creative miracles as the atmosphere of Heaven is released in and over our lives. This type of mantle will not just cover one or two. God wants to release it over the corporate Body. God is looking for vessels He can endue with power out in the market place. We will see ‘backyard miracles’ en masse, miracles in the home, work place, out on the streets, in hospitals and in the malls. We will see creative miracles everywhere God’s people go. But this mantle requires a lifestyle of deep communion with God and a life of complete surrender, obedience and death to self.

The second mantle I want to share with you is the Mantle of Mass Deliverance. Not only will we see mass miracles, but there is also a wave of mass deliverance coming. People that have struggled in areas of their lives for years will receive breakthrough as the fire of deliverance is released into their lives. I encourage you to pray this prayer, “Lord, uncover and expose every area of darkness in my heart.” As you do, God will release by His Spirit a deep deliverance in your life. Just as the Lord delivered Israel out of the hands of the Egyptians en masse, so God will deliver His people en masse. (Exo. 3:20-22).

The third is a Mantle of Supernatural Favor. God is placing mantles of favor upon His children in this hour. It’s the type of favor that God placed on Isaac as he was taking possession of the land of his inheritance in Genesis 26. As he contended for what God said was his Isaac, eventually came into a place of total fulfillment and rest. This favor will cause God’s people to enter into the fullness of their inheritance.

The fourth is a Media Mantle. We will see a ‘media revival’ with a move of God spreading through the airwaves and internet. The Lord spoke to me that He is raising up TV networks that will help facilitate this end time move of God. Jesus will even be glorified over the secular networks! God is placing Media Mantles on people who will glorify His name through various media outlets.

As we move into this next season, I encourage you to stay sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads you into times of prayer and waiting on Him. This will prepare you to be fully ready for all that He wants to release in and through your life. Get ready to pick up your mantle!

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