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Have your life changed through Matt Sorger’s Online Mentoring!

Here are a few testimonies from our Mentoring in the Glory that took place in January. Our students are loving it!

Our next mentoring group starts March 1! Sign up today and be empowered and transformed!


“I really enjoyed these mentoring sessions. Thank you! What an incredible impact it has had on my life. I am seeking His face more now, His Glory and His Presence. I know Holy Spirit is using these mentoring sessions to grow me up and draw me closer to Him. I am looking forward to the next mentoring group. Thank you for your obedience and commitment to the Lord in equipping His saints. Love you and Stephanie.”
~ Irene

“It was an awesome four weeks spending time in the mentorship program. It’s definitely a time of spiritual impartation. I also learned a lot of practical things from Matt’s years of experience in the work of ministry. It helps to strengthen my calling in the Lord. It was a fun and fantastic time getting together online with Matt and other members. It’s great to have fellowship and be connected with people that go in the same direction and calling in life. I love and enjoy this mentorship program. Thank you Matt and Stephanie for sharing your lives with us.”
~ Herman

“Thank you both for offering this class. I knew something special would happen if I was in this class. God is doing something! Thank you Matt for mentoring us and pouring into my life. Wow! This is really awesome! I keep receiving! I feel an intense fire on my heart! It is powerful! Thank you so much!”
~ Sarah Roy

“It was at the end of a session when you said a word for someone who was anxious and worried that they've missed it. God says you haven't missed it. That was for me! When you spoke those words this well of pain and crying came out and I felt healing and peace immediately. The weight I had been carrying left. PRAISE God! The whole night spoke to me and now I am equipped to make my dream happen partnering with God. Thank you! I was also healed of sciatic nerve pain in one of your meetings and you didn't pray for that specifically. Now I understand it was the overflow of the anointing!”
~ Elizabeth

“I have been beyond blessed by the current mentoring sessions. Please express to Matt how his mentoring has touched my heart and brought healing this month. I have followed and supported Matt for many years. I was so blessed by his transparency and humility. He truly opened his heart and shared with us the depth of his knowledge and experiences that was life transforming. I have struggled for many years with my identity despite my devotion to the Lord due to abuse in childhood. His teaching and impartation penetrated years of struggle and brought healing and understanding.”
~ Lynda

“After receiving an impartation during the mentoring session, the next day I was given an opportunity to pray for someone with cancer that was spreading quickly. When I prayed I felt electricity shoot through my arm and tingling in my hand. The next day my friend said the doctor said the cancer is gone! Then another person called me that had a stroke and had lost all feeling in their hands and face. When I prayed they were completely healed. As soon as I received the impartation you gave I activated it and went to minister. I received so much glory impartation! Wow! God moved! I really loved this class I learned a lot and received a lot! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to the next class! I was so blessed to be in this awesome mentor training with Matt Sorger. I had a glory encounter and the presence of God fell in a tangible way. I felt God so powerfully.”
~ Sarah

“A wonderful presence of the Lord has been upon me every session and especially during the prayer time.”
~ Ulla-Gitt and Conny

“I have truly enjoyed this mentoring group. I feel more spiritually alive and activated. Every night after a mentoring session I sensed the Spirit of God empowering me. The impartation has been truly amazing, as well as the wisdom I received. I feel like I have gained a keener sensitivity to the things in the Spirit and to the voice of God. I will definitely be attending the next session.”
~ Amy

“I was feeling like there was no wind for my sails and I had dropped my map and compass overboard until I participated in this mentoring time with you! So much of what you taught was exactly what I needed to hear to get me and my ship of destiny in the Lord moving at a good speed with full sails, blue skies a smile on my face! For example, you encouraged me to finally getting serious about writing that more putting it off, doing my research now! And healing in my dreams too I believe is now right around the corner, I have faith now that you encouraged me! Thanks so much and I can't wait until March and until the time I can go on a missionary trip with you and Stephanie!”
~ Barbie

“The Lord told me to sign up for Matt Sorger mentoring. This was an
adventure of a lifetime of confirming and enlightening so many experiences I
have had with the Lord. I honor and value every word taught. This program
has confirmed my witness and training from Holy Spirit. Matt is releasing glory carriers to take hold of the Kingdom of God and wrecking darkness. Get ready to experience and know our powerful and mighty God.
~ Christy

“I was totally blessed with this mentoring program. It was amazingly helpful, the teaching on the glory, and mentoring in different areas. It caused me to RELAX! And to be who I am, and to know that when you pray, nothing can go wrong, and I am going to take this next class in March. I couldn't wait each week to join in with everyone. You are such a blessing. Thank you!”
~ Dwona


Warmest Blessings,

Matt and Stephanie Sorger


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