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Citywide Transformation
Learn How to Become a Walking Revival
and Steward the Glory of God

Revival is bringing something that’s dying or dead back to life again. God not only wants to revive you and cause your heart to burn with His fire, He wants you to become a walking revival! He wants you to carry His fire and glory everywhere you go! God wants to visit whole cities, regions and nations with His glory. We will see extended moves of God breaking out all over the globe with thousands and millions of people being impacted with a fresh outpouring of God’s presence. God wants to awaken our hearts so He can pour through us to transform whole regions and territories with His glory.

One such example of a whole nation being transformed by God’s revival fire is the Welsh Revival in 1904. The nation of Wales was so filled with God’s presence that just stepping foot onto Welsh soil, one could feel the convicting presence of the Holy Spirit. Nearly the entire population of Wales came to Christ. Bars closed down. The coal miners had to retrain their mules because they no longer used curse words. Indeed the nation was transformed as it came to Christ. The ironic thing about Wales is that it was one of the countries looked down upon by it’s surrounding neighbors. It was considered “less than” and “insignificant.” I believe that just as God chose Wales for a global outpouring, God will once again choose locations and places that may not be highly esteemed by man, but God is going to put it on the map! God often chooses the weak and lowly things.

Two weeks before the Welsh Revival broke out in 1904, a young 26 year old man by the name of Evan Roberts said in his prayer closet, “I have reached out my hand and touched the flame. I am burning and waiting for a sign.” The nation became set ablaze with God’s presence. God awakened and revived the heart of a young man and soon that fire transformed the entire region and nation. God will do the same today!

God desires to visit and transform whole cities and regions with His presence. I want you to obtain the keys to see your region and nation impacted with a move of God’s Spirit. God desires to awaken your heart, your family, your neighborhood, your workplace, your city and your nation. You can learn how to facilitate and steward a move of God in your life and region.

In my new teaching set, Citywide Transformation, I share four insightful teachings that will equip you with both biblical truth and historical lessons on how to steward the fire of God in your life. You can become a walking revival!

Teachings Include:
1. A Portrait of Revival
2. Seven Keys to Citywide Revival
3. The Third Great Awakening
4. Facilitating the Move of God




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