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The enemy works overtime to distort and hinder people’s identity. If he can hinder your identity, he can hinder your destiny.


Your life, actions, behavior, and relationships all flow out of your inward identity. Identity is formed by how you think and feel about yourself. The enemy doesn’t play fair. He often starts early in a person’s life to try to shape and influence their identity in a negative way. He especially targets children. I believe school yard bullying is demonic at its root. The reason a child is singled out by the enemy is because of the amazing destiny on that child’s life. The enemy uses the words and actions of those around them to try to shape them into his image. Through trauma, rejection, and negative words the enemy assaults identity. Once you come into agreement with what the enemy says about you, a stronghold is formed in the soul and mind. These strongholds keep a person bound in false identity. Unhealed wounds, wrong belief systems and entrenched lies hinder people from stepping into their full potential in God.

The Enemy is Terrified of Your Potential

The enemy doesn’t know everything, but when he gets a glimpse of the divine plan and purpose God has for someone, he is terrified by that potential. Just like he was terrified by the birth of Christ and the birth of Moses, he will try to stop that destiny before it comes to fruition. The enemy is terrified of the divine potential inside of you. That is why he has fought so hard to bind you up in different areas of your life. But you can be completely free and whole in your identity!

God Defines You Based on Your Future

God does not define you based on what other people say about you or even by what you say about yourself. God doesn’t define you based on your past or even on your present. He defines you based on your future and who He knows you to be. He defines you with absolute truth and based on the fullest potential within you. In Judges 6:15, Gideon defined himself as weak, fearful and insignificant. God defined him as a mighty man of valor who would deliver the nation as one man! God defined Gideon based on his future, not on his past or present moment.

You Can Walk in the Freedom of Your True Identity

God wants you to walk in the fullness of your true identity in Christ. He wants you to know who you really are. When you know who you really are, no lie or deception of the enemy will prevail against you. You will be free, whole, anointed and filled with joy and power. I want to help you get there! I have put together a teaching series called Your New Identity - Redefined by God. It’s a powerful four part teaching on how to strip away every false identity the enemy would form in your life and come into the truth of who you really are in Christ. You will know the truth and be 100% free! This teaching set comes in both CD and MP3 format.

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Your identity doesn’t have to be defined by the words of others, by your past mistakes, or by the circumstances of life. God’s truth will set you free and completely redefine who you are, based not on your past, but on the future God has for you. You can overcome every trauma, pain and abuse and be completely transformed in the rest of God. This series will teach you how to walk in your true identity in Christ and never be lied to again.


Before your greatest breakthrough is usually your greatest opposition. Your warfare is not always about where you came from. It may be about where you are going! Learn how to confront and take down every giant of opposition that is resisting you. God is delivering you not only from something but to something. He has a purpose for you to fulfill. This teaching set will empower you to experience God’s breakthrough both in and through you.

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29 May 2021

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