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Eight Keys to Attracting the Glory

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By Matt Sorger

You don’t have to live in an atmosphere of depression, turmoil, negativity, doubt or fear. You can live in the atmosphere of God’s glory! I want to teach you today eight keys that will attract God’s glory to your life and build a consistent habitation of His presence. You can experience the atmosphere of heaven within and around you. When you shift your atmosphere, you transform your life.

1. Spiritual hunger 
The first key that attracts God’s presence to you is spiritual hunger. God promises to fill those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. There’s something about a hungry, thirsty heart that will cause God to pour out His glory on you. I consistently stir up my spiritual hunger by asking Him to fill me every day with His presence. I’ve also noticed when ministering to congregations that those who passionately pursue God in worship and whose hearts are filled with hunger for God receive the greatest outpourings.

2. Humility
God loves to clothe the humble with His presence. God draws near to the humble heart. When I travel on the road I’ve seen that the most humble leaders and congregations also receive the greatest manifestation of God’s presence. In Matt 21 Jesus rides into the city on a donkey covered with clothing. In the same way Jesus mantles the donkey with His presence, God mantles the lowly with His glory.

3. Honor 
Honor is another significant key to hosting the glory of God in your life. Whatever you honor you attract to yourself. Whatever you honor you receive from. When you honor God’s presence, He will draw near to you. When you honor the gifts of the Holy Spirit they will manifest. When you honor an anointed person, you will receive from the anointing on their life. If you honor the glory of God, you will be saturated consistently with Him.

4. Consecration
We find the next three keys to attracting the glory in 2 Chron 5. Consecration is the process of being set apart as holy unto God. A pure heart of devotion and consecration attracts the glory like a magnet. When God feels at home in a vessel He really fills it. The more we allow God to purify our lives the more we will become a habitation of His manifest presence.

5. Unity 
Where there is unity God commands a blessing. When we come into unity with other believers we form a corporate habitation in which God can fill. In 2 Chron 5 as the worshippers made one sound to the Lord, they attracted the presence of God to the point where the glory became so strong no one could remain standing. The temple was filled with glory. As you stay unified with God and other believers you will attract God’s glory.

6. Magnifying God’s true nature
This is one of the most important keys and one we must learn more about. There is something glorious that happens when we get a revelation of the true nature of God and choose to magnify and exalt those attributes of God in worship. In 2 Chron 5 the priests used very specific wording in their worship. They magnified very specific attributes of God’s nature. It is this specific type of worship that attracts God’s glory. They specifically magnified His goodness, mercy, and loving-kindness. As they did the temple was filled with glory. I share a lot more about this in my teaching set Shift Your Atmosphere. There were reasons why this specific worship attracted the glory.

7. Prayer 
In Acts 10 we discover two keys that will attract God’s presence. Communing with God through private conversation with Him will cultivate His presence in a tangible way. Prayer becomes like breathing. As your share your inner thoughts with God He will also share His secrets with you. Cornelius’ prayer life in Acts 10 became as a memorial to God causing the Holy Spirit to be poured out on His entire family!

8. Giving 
In Acts 10 Cornelius was also a generous giver. It was the combination of His prayer life and giving that became a memorial before God attracting His presence. Your giving, when combined with prayer, will catch God’s attention. Not only did Cornelius receive the Holy Spirit, but so did his entire family and ultimately the entire Gentile race. It was one of the most significant outpourings of God in history, all triggered through prayer and giving. You can attract God’s presence to your own life through giving as well.

You can live a life saturated with the glory of God. I share about these eight keys and so much more in my brand new teaching set Shift Your Atmosphere, Transform Your Life. I encourage you to invest in your next level of spiritual breakthrough. The four teachings include Shift Your Atmosphere, Eight Keys to Attracting the Glory, Create a Space for God to Fill and Secrets to Building a Glory Habitation.

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