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Free Webinar How to Radiate God's Glory

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How to Radiate God's Glory

Thursday, June 11 
7pm EST

Learn How To:

- Carry God's presence on your life in a tangible way.

- See the atmosphere in your home filled with God's glory.

- Manifest an Open Heavens of God's glory over and around your life.

You Are a Glory Carrier

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit, designed by God to carry and radiate God's glory. Some think living and walking in God's glory is only for a few. This is not true!

You can both receive and radiate the tangible glory of God in a NEW WAY. You can live so saturated with the Holy Spirit that you shift atmospheres everywhere you go.

Begin this journey with me today in my FREE WEBINAR. 

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NOW is YOUR TIME to be equipped & empowered to carry and release God's glory!


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