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Are You a Feeler?

FREE WEBINAR on How to Overcome Feelings of Oppression

Do you sense things in the spirit realm? Do you ever feel oppression around you? Are you not sure what to do with the things you feel?

You need to join my FREE webinar on Overcoming Feelings of Oppression!

A “feeler” is someone who has an intuitive spirit that has a sensitivity to things in the spirit realm. They tend to feel things and be more aware of the invisible world.

The first gift I received from the Holy Spirit was the discerning of spirits at the age of 18. I began to feel everything in the spirit realm. To be honest it was overwhelming at first. I began to experience a lot of spiritual warfare because of it and often felt “oppressed”. I didn’t know how not to feel all that I was experiencing.

God brought me through an amazing journey of maturing in this gift. One day He said to me, “You can live in constant spiritual warfare, or you can live in My glory.” I didn’t know I had a choice! God began to teach me how to operate in discernment from the place of being insulated in His glory. It changed everything! I no longer felt like I lived in constant warfare and fighting off oppression. My quality of life was transformed.

For all the “feelers” out there, I’m doing a FREE WEBINAR on how to overcome feelings of oppression. 
Discerning demons is only 1/4 the gift of discernment. There’s so much more! And you can live so filled and insulated in God’s glory that the demonic can’t touch you! When you walk into a room, rather than coming under the oppression in the room, the glory of God within you will dispel it! It’s way more fun!

Sign up today for this FREE WEBINAR. I believe it will help you in your ability to discern in the spirit from a place of being over and not under.

Click Here to Secure Your Place in the Free Webinar, ARE YOU A FEELER?

I look forward to spending this time with you. If you know someone who would benefit from this webinar feel free to forward this email to them!


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