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Let’s come into agreement together that the windows of heaven would be open wide over YOUR life.

See Him & You Will Know Him

You can both see and know God. When you see God you really come to know His heart, His ways & His nature. In this month’s teaching I share on seeing & knowing God in a deeper way. You can go even deeper in your knowledge of God.

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Praying God is continuing to bless and refresh you during these summer months. We’ve had some wonderful time of ministry this month! I just finished up at a camp meeting under a big tent in Ontario, Canada. God moved in an amazing way! People were jumping up and running around the tent totally healed by God. There was such a healing grace in the meetings. God gave me a word of knowledge for a heart valve condition. The sound man was touched by God’s power as soon as he heard the word. He ran around totally healed by God.

Every life touched through this ministry is a part of your heavenly account! I can never thank you enough for running with me and Stephanie in this ministry to see lives encounter the tangible love of Jesus. This is what it’s all about.

I want to encourage you with a word and prayer this month. In Mal 3:10 there is an amazing truth that connects our giving with an open heaven. It says when you give that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that you cannot contain. It also says that He will rebuke the devourer for your sake. What a promise! God will rebuke anything that tries to devour God’s blessings in your life. He will rebuke sickness, oppression, discouragement, anxiety, fear and anything else that tries to come against you or your finances.

My decree and prayer over you based on the word of God is that you would live under a continual open heaven. What does that mean? An open heaven is a continual supply of God’s grace, love, healing, joy, peace, righteousness, freedom and provision. It includes every spiritual blessing we receive in Christ.

As a result of your giving into the Kingdom of God I want you to position your heart in this truth. Let’s come into agreement together that the windows of heaven would be open wide over YOUR life.

Let’s pray this together:

“Father I thank you based on your word that even as I have sown and given, that there is a continual open heaven over my life. Thank you for your blessings and provision. Rebuke the devourer and restore 7-fold anything the enemy has tried to rob, in Jesus name! Amen.”

Remember, God has given you an open heaven. Renew your mind in this truth. Stephanie and I are standing in agreement with and for you today. We love you.

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