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How to be a Healthy Leader - The Role of Spiritual Fathers & Mothers

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A Prophetic Teaching by Matt Sorger

One of the things I have valued most in my life is the role of spiritual fathers and mothers. I will never forget the day I sat down with Lou Engle, the father of The Call Movement, and shared my heart and vision with him. I was a young 28 year old pastor who had a dream to see signs and wonders in the nations. As I shared my vision, Lou looked at me with his full attention and heart and said, “Matt! Go for it!” That was all I needed to hear. To have the blessing of a spiritual father made a tremendous impact on my life. Something as simple as a word of encouragement gave me a new level of determination to pursue God’s will and call on my life. I honor Lou as a spiritual father in the faith. Not only is he a tremendous visionary, but he was humble enough to encourage a young person to go after God with all of their heart. And that young person was me.

The verbal blessing of a spiritual father has tremendous impact in the life of a person, no matter how old or young they are. I have had several spiritual fathers impact my life, including Lou Engle, James Goll, Tommy Reid, Che Ahn, and others. I’ve also had spiritual moms including Patricia King, Cindy Jacobs, Shirley Arnold and Heidi Baker. These leaders have imparted life, blessing, wisdom, direction, encouragement and strength into my heart. I have learned several things from them along the way of what it means to be a true spiritual father or mother.

Spiritual Fathers and Mothers Bless into Fullness

True spiritual fathers and mothers will bless and encourage the call that God has on your life. They are not there to see how your life can serve them. They are concerned with identifying God’s purpose, gifting and unique calling in their sons and daughters and blessing them into that fullness. I’ve also learned that a true father or mother doesn’t try to fit their child into a mold of their choosing. They discover what the passion and true call is on that child’s life and they steer them into that. True fathers and mothers also know when and how to release. They are sensitive to the times and seasons in a child’s life and know when it’s time for that child to fly. At some point every child reaches a place of maturity where it is time for them to step out into the world and soar. A true father and mother will encourage them into this new season, while providing a continued undergirding and encouragement.

The heart of a father or mother desires to see their child succeed and even surpass them. I am always so moved when I see a spiritual leader have genuine joy over the success of their spiritual children. It’s so healthy and full of life. A true father or mother will also have an eye to discern when their child may be slightly veering off the right path. When a parent is motivated by love, they can speak correction and wisdom into their child’s life and teach them from lessons they themselves have learned. I am so grateful for the moments spiritual leaders have spoken into my life, making me aware of things I may not have seen or realized in the moment. I’m a big proponent of learning the easy way as much as possible. This is one of the amazing blessings of having a spiritual father or mother. You can learn from their lives rather than having to learn from your own mistakes or experiences.

Spiritual Sons and Daughters Give Back

As a spiritual son, I also realize that not only do my spiritual parents play a role in my life, but I also play a role in theirs. As a son I have the opportunity to show honor, respect and love to my spiritual parents. I enjoy the moments where I get to encourage them and serve them. This can be done in ways as simple as carrying their bag or helping them when the opportunity arises. Also respecting their opinion and being thoughtful to have a listening ear shows them that they are needed and valuable in your life. I also think it’s very important to always acknowledge the role and impact a leader has had on you and thank them in practical ways beyond your words. Unexpected gifts, notes, a text message to let them know you love them, are thinking about them and are appreciative for their life can minister joy to their heart. Spiritual fathers and mothers are a gift from God. Spiritual sons and daughters can likewise be a gift back. Treasure and cultivate these relationships. As the generations love and honor one another, God releases a blessing and together the Kingdom is advanced forward.

You Can Be a Healthy Leader

It’s so important that as leaders we learn to avoid the pitfalls that so many fall into. I want to empower you to be a healthy leader who multiplies yourself in others. We can learn from biblical figures such as Saul and David and how to avoid roots of bitterness and offense that cause us to be restricters, rather than releasers. You can leave a legacy behind yourself that impacts generations to come. I have developed a three part leadership series that expounds on these important leadership principles called, What Every Successful Leader Needs to Know. It is exclusively available in MP3 download format. Order yours today and learn to be the most effective leader you can be.

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