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You can carry so much of God on your life that when you walk into a room, God walks in with you. Or better yet, when you walk into a hospital, a supermarket, a neighborhood, a city, God walks in with you and fills the territory with His tangible presence and power.

This level of glory was not just for Jesus. When Peter walked into the city, all the sick and demonized came out into the streets just to have Peter’s shadow pass by them. Peter walked in such a glory zone that his shadow was dangerous. His shadow healed the sick and cast out demons. This is seen in Acts 5:15-16.

God has created us to be vessels of His presence and power. The more God possesses every fiber of our being, the more power flows through our lives. The more power we possess, the more we will see sick people healed and oppressed people transformed and set free.

I have seen God accomplish more in two minutes with His anointing than I’ve seen people accomplish in two years with their own strength. I’ve seen people try to change themselves and others for years with no results. I’ve seen people try to get free from issues in their lives over and over again just to remain the same. This is not God’s best.


Let me explain to you what I mean. There was a woman in one of our meetings who for years as a child was bounced around between nine different foster homes. Throughout her childhood and teen years she was sexually abused over and over again. She was filled with rage, hate, anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. As she sat in the meeting, suddenly she began to laugh while I was preaching. I could see from the faces on the people around her that they thought this was a rude thing to do. I could just hear them saying, “Why doesn’t she be quiet. Can’t she see she is being a distraction?” But I knew in my spirit that it was God’s power touching her life.

As I continued to preach, she continued to laugh. She laughed all night long! When she got home at 1 am she woke her husband and children up laughing. She went to sleep and woke up laughing the next day. But when she got up she realized something had happened. All the pain, torment, anger, unforgiveness and oppression was gone! She was totally set free. When she came in the next night she shared her story with us. She said, “I cannot remember ever laughing in my life.” But as God’s power touched her that night, His presence brought a fullness of joy to her that completely healed and set her free.

God’s power did more in that one night, than what she could do in years. The anointing accelerates breakthrough, deliverance and healing. When you are living in the overflow of God’s presence in your life, you become a point of contact for people to receive a miracle from God.


It’s called hitting the saturation point. When you are saved your spirit is instantly filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit. But it can take time for your soul and body to become filled as well. As you choose to spend time in God’s presence and develop a lifestyle of worship and intimacy with God, eventually your soul and body will experience the overflow from your spirit. Every part of you will become filled with God. This process is determined by your level of spiritual hunger and the time you spend in His presence. The more saturated you become, the more glory you carry on your life.

I’ve learned that your secret place can be the size of a closet, a room, a house, a stadium or even a city! The secret place is the zone of God’s presence you cultivate in your life. The more you surrender and yield the larger that zone becomes.

I remember one night ministering in a crusade in Mexico. As we worshipped God and invited the Holy Spirit to come, the entire stadium became filled with God’s presence. As I got caught up in God’s presence on the platform, His presence overflowed and filled the whole place. God spoke to me in that secret place and told me He was going to open up deaf ears. So I called it out. “God is opening deaf ears in this place.” All around the stadium deaf ears began to pop open.

My team brought a young girl up onto the platform. When they pulled her hair back I was astonished to see that she had no ears at all. She only had two holes in the side of her head. They told me she was born with this birth defect and had no eardrums or ears. She was deaf since birth.

This was more than just God opening up her hearing. A creative miracle was needed. As she stepped onto that platform God’s power began to flow through her. Suddenly she could hear a popping in her head. God reached in and formed two new eardrums where there were none! It was a creative miracle.


God wants you to live in the overflow. He wants you to have a dangerous shadow. How do you get a shadow? By standing in the light. When light hits your body, a shadow is cast on the ground. There is no shadow when there is no light. If you live in darkness, your life will not cast a powerful shadow. But when you stand in the Light, your life casts a shadow of His glory. It’s His zone of glory within and around you that releases a supernatural power to heal, deliver and even work a creative miracle. The impossible becomes possible.

You can go deeper. Let’s review some Power Points.

Your life can carry God’s tangible presence and power.
You release God’s power by hitting the saturation point.
You hit the saturation point by choosing to spend quality time in God’s presence.
The saturation point is when your whole spirit, soul and body becomes filled with God.
Your secret place can grow in size from a closet to an entire stadium and city.
You get a dangerous shadow by standing in the light.
God’s glory will accomplish more in two minutes than what you can do in two years in your own strength and ability.
The more you surrender, the more God will fill and overflow from your life impacting everyone around you.
Your life can become a point of contact for someone’s breakthrough.

There is something in me that refuses to settle for the status quo. There is something in me that tells me I can go higher still. There is something in me that tells me there is still more.

Are you satisfied? Have you settled? Have you become lukewarm in your prayer life and relationship with God? Have subtle compromises crept in robbing you of God’s best for your life? Do you see the sick healed and demonized set free? Do you live with a continual sense of God’s presence? Do you want to have authority over sickness and disease? Do you want to see yourself and others completely transformed?

If you want to go deeper in God’s word and learn more about living in His presence with signs, wonders and miracles following you everywhere you go, I encourage you to make the choice to sow God’s word into your heart and mind. In our special Signs, Wonders and Miracles Package you can receive 10 teachings on this very subject. You will learn how to activate the power gifts of healing, working of miracles & the gift of faith. You will learn the spiritual protocol for the miraculous and understand four levels of speaking in tongues found in the New Testament. One of these levels turns whole cities upside down. You will also learn how to flow in the healing anointing and have faith for creative miracles.

I pray these teachings release a fresh impartation of God’s presence and power in your life! 

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