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The conference was AMAZING (to say the least)! Matt Sorger, Joshua Mills, and James Goll ministered with the fire and power of Holy Ghost. We all witnessed heaven touching the earth this past weekend. How awesome it was. The worship of Steve Swanson and Catherine Mullins opened the heavens and the glory of God fell and touched many in powerful and innumerous ways. If you were not present, I highly suggest you get the DVDs and CDs of the conference! God’s people were equipped, set free, and many left transformed with new hearts. God placed His super on MSM’s natural and revival mantles, blueprints from heaven, and new wine was released upon all present.

Our very own Matthew James Sorger was released as an ambassador to the nations of this earth at his re-ordination. James Goll transferred every anointing of purpose and accomplishment of his life upon Matt’s life, and Matt crossed over into a new dimension of authority and power in the realm of the Spirit. What stands before Matt Sorger Ministries now is…greater works. There was not a dry eye in the house. Tearful joy washed across the faces of those present.


During MSM’s Saturday Impartation Luncheon, Matt Sorger was being re-ordained under Prophet James Goll. And, as Matt’s parents, Rich and Veronica, approached the stage, everyone took on the role of a doting parent, proud and grateful for Matt.

From the day of Matt’s birth, his father Rich said, he took him in his arms and prophesied that Matt was going to do “something very special” with his life. Veronica joined in, saying, between tears, that Matt was born premature and prayed, “Lord, please let me have him and I’ll take good care of him.”

The Lord, she related, directed her to a list of names and the Lord told her, “Name him Matthew, gift of the Lord.”

Veronica continued “From my womb you were called Matthew; and he was forming leadership qualities in you even from a young child. And now (upon this ordination) this is your day; the lord is calling you out to a new season and a new time.

“It is my prayer that you would be a man who always divides the word of truth correctly; who will always walk in humility before his God; and that you will always love the Lord your God with all of your heart.

“And I praise God that he privileged me to be your mom.”

Joshua and Janet Mills also spoke blessings to Matt on a peer level in this solemn ordination ceremony, conducted during the 2009 Glory, Signs and Wonders Conference in Melville, NY.

Matt then kneeled at the altar before the ordination committee, comprising of James Goll, Chris Poole, and Pastor Don Loper, Matt’s pastor from Riverhead, NY.
Chris, assistant to James Goll, prophesied that Matt will know Jesus in an “unusual level” of closeness. He will walk in a new level. “And the Lord says ‘you will walk hand in hand, face to face, in step and in stride; knowing how to stay in sync with My Holy Spirit.’ And the Lord says, ‘out of that, people will understand who I am by watching who I am in the midst of you,’ says the Lord.”

James said that through Matt’s hands will come displays of wonders and compassion. “You will be shocked yourself. I am going to release wonderment about the amazing grace of God.”

James declared Matt to be a “worldwide ambassador for the body of Christ that will carry amazing grace internationally.” James ordained Matt into a worldwide apostolic glory ministry that will be known for its AMAZING GRACE.

Matt will be known as Matthew, but his brother Rick, said James, shall be known as Paul. “This is a day,” said James, “of affirmation and confirmation for this whole family.”

JOSHUA MILLS – The Power of Praise!

Joshua Mills, one of the guest speakers at the conference, has a remarkable way of hearing from the Spirit. Sometimes when ministering in the crowd, the Spirit gives him street addresses, birthdays, or full names of individuals in the audience. During his ministry sessions Joshua moved in a very high level of prophetic accuracy. Words of knowledge were also called out by Joshua for the healing of cataracts, high blood pressure and arthritis. Joshua released several prophetic words in connection with the names, dates, and addresses he received.

Joshua’s passion is the Glory of God – which is God’s presence brought about through praise and worship. He challenges the audience to praise the Lord – even when you don’t feel like it. When things are too hard for you, when the struggle has laid you low, “Praise Him,” he said, “and it will always change your atmosphere.”

“You can praise today because you know something is coming to you tomorrow.” And he inspired many to go home and no matter what difficulty we might be facing in life, no matter what struggles or heartache, that we should simply praise the name that is above all names – Jesus.

JAMES GOLL – The Spirit of Revival!

Just before James came up to the platform Matt Sorger stood to the pulpit and declared the spirit of revival in the atmosphere. Everyone could sense the electricity in the air. Something had broken open in the room. Matt Sorger, Steve Swanson and Catherine Mullins began to sing prophetically in the Spirit about “David coming out from the field.” This powerful prophetic song spoke of a release of the “David’s” into their chosen place and mantle. It was a wonderful forerunner to Matt’s ordination that soon followed and even spoke into what the Lord was doing in Matt’s life and ministry.
James Goll came on the scene Saturday morning with a fiery message about revival. The worship that ensued that morning reached a spontaneous breakthrough in the Spirit. Such was the power of that worship, that it led James Goll into an unrehearsed dramatic presentation of the Welsh revival, complete with British and Gaelic accents.

This Welsh revival, he said, was only a prototype of what would be coming to a greater degree. To the wild cheers of the Christian audience, he prophesied of a new force to be reckoned with on the streets: prophetic evangelism.

Without dismissing the gifts of the Spirit, James insisted that it is just as supernatural to move in the fruit of the Spirit, as it is in the gifts of the Spirit. Never underestimate the revival of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

MATT SORGER – Growing into Your Mantle!

Matt Sorger continued on that same theme, speaking about the balance between the anointing and character, and stressing the need for character above all else. “I’ve seen plenty of anointed people with a wrong spirit.” he said. “Plus, you can get a transference of the anointing,” he added, “but that doesn’t mean that God is endorsing your lifestyle!”

Matt discussed the virtue of character in a two-part sermon on the qualities that either make us or break us in obtaining a mantle. He compared the two divergent concepts through the lives of Saul and David. Pride, resentfulness, jealously were all hallmarks of Saul’s life, which led to his downfall.

Meanwhile, David had to endure the hardships of an abusive authority figure – without feelings of resentment or revenge. He had to endure a test of honor before he was awarded his prophetic destiny. And, that test of honor dealt more with his character, than it did his anointing.

Matt then gave practical advice on dealing with abusive authority figures in our lives.

Matt taught on how to mature and grow into your mantle and how to transition from being called to chosen and how to remain chosen.

In a reenactment in the life of David, Matt put his jacket around little Lincoln Mills, son of Joshua and Janet. This act prompted people to sense that this was a prophetic demonstration of the mantle upon that little boy’s life.

It was truly a historic conference which set the stage for Matt Sorger Ministries to be catapulted into a new level. The ministry is already sensing an urgency and seriousness of the hour that is upon us, and is seeking to fulfill the work in breadth and scope that the Lord has given us to do.


1. MATT SORGER - Maturing into Your Mantle
Matt takes us through the lives of Saul & David. Both rose to power. One lost the power. In this first of a two-part message, Matt shares on the qualities needed to mature us for the mantle God wants to give us. And, in a sobering reminder, Matt shows us why Saul lost his mantle.

2. JOSHUA MILLS  - Praise Changes the Atmosphere
Joshua, being a lover of praise, describes how praise changes things in the natural – even through signs, wonders and miracles. With his extraordinary display of words of knowledge, Joshua gives words to various members of the audience – even citing people’s addresses.

3. MATT SORGER  - The Test of Honor Before Promotion
Now, Matt takes us through the life of David and shows us David’s specific test of honor that brought him to the destiny God had for him. See how you can qualify too.

4. JOSHUA MILLS  -  The Power of the Glory Cloud
Glory Carrier Joshua discusses the awesome power contained in God’s glory and then he calls out various audience members for healing and words of knowledge.

5. JAMES GOLL  -  Spontaneous Breakthrough
During the worship part of this service, spontaneous prophetic songs and words come forth. James gives us a theatrical presentation on the Welsh revival, which is a prototype of worldwide revivals. James also relates the importance of the wind of the Spirit to carry us forward.

6. JAMES GOLL  -  Stars of Promise
In this electrifying sermon, James unzips his heart for a heartrending recollection of the last days of his departed wife Michal Ann – and the lesson she posthumously left behind (for him and for you).

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