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The New Breed is Emerging

I want you to be equipped prophetically for the days ahead. The following word along with a lot more is included in the book Beyond 2012 - What the Real Prophets are Saying.

The Lord gave me my first prophetic word in 1992, nearly twenty years ago. He said to me, “I am raising up a new breed of leader in the earth.” He then told me, “The top of My priority list for you is the opposite of your priority list. The top of My list for you is the refinement of your character, not the fulfillment of your ministry.” He continued, “I will cause your roots to go down so deep in Me that when you experience success you will not be moved to the left or the right.” “What I will do in the days ahead will be so new and different, you will have to have an ear that hears and knows My voice.” This prophetic word from twenty years ago is of great significance to our time today.

The new breed is emerging. They are rising up and coming on the scene. Get ready for a divine shift! Character before gifting. Fruit before power. With divine order there will be no limits to Christ being formed in us and shown through us.


1. They will have deep roots in Christ. It takes time for roots to grow down deep into the soil. It does not happen overnight. Through days, months, and years of having the flesh tested, crucified and refined, a deep character is developed. God is going to pour out such a level of His power and glory in these last days, that only vessels that have been through the fire will be able to sustain and carry what God wants to give and release. The deeper the roots, the higher the plant can grow.

2. They will have a mature and refined character. Now is the season in which we will see mature sons and daughters emerge onto the scene. What has been done in secret will now be placed on the public stage and history will be shifted. The body of Christ will be mature sons and daughters of God and will enter into their promised land of inheritance.

3. They will have a refined ear to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. This new breed of leader will not be program driven. They will be presence led. God is about to break out of the box of our established forms and methods. His presence will move in such a radical way that leadership must have such a yielded and surrendered heart in order to move with God. They will have a refined ear to hear the Holy Spirit and will be led step by step into completely new territory. Sensitivity to God and a surrendered and yielded heart will be vital if we are to move with the cloud of His presence in this hour.

4. This new breed of leader will be led in a way never gone before. God is about to stir up our comfort zones. He is going to call people out of the boat and onto the water. We must be willing to take risks and move out in faith. Radical faith will mark this new move of God. God will call us out of the familiar and into the flow of His supernatural power and presence. It may be packaged very differently than what we are used to. But if we are led by the Spirit we will be able to discern where God is moving.

5. This new breed of leader will not be moved by success. There will be such a level of brokenness and humility that marks the heart of this company of leaders, that success will not move them. They will only be moved by God’s heart and His will. Their anthem will be, “Not my will, but Yours be done.” There will be no competition between leaders or ministries. The servants of God will cheer each other on because their vision will be the vision of the Kingdom. There will be a unity that releases a commanded blessing.

Read and learn from the prophetic words of 20 of the world’s national and international prophets of today.

James Goll Heidi Baker Bill Johnson Stacey Campbell
John Paul Jackson Paul Keith Davis Mahesh Chavda FF Bosworth


These include James Goll, John Paul Jackson, Stacey Campbell, Paul Keith Davis, Bill Johnson, Mahesh Chavda, Heidi Baker, FF Bosworth, Matt Sorger and more!

Read what God has revealed to His servants for the future of our planet and mankind. Gain insights into life beyond 2012.



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