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You can learn how to correctly bind and loose in the realm of the spirit from a heavenly place. 

God desires you to be firmly rooted in your heavenly identity. When you know who you really are the enemy can never lie to you again or keep you in a place of bondage. When you understand your heavenly identity you will have power and authority to command your atmosphere and shut down every demonic assignment set against you or your family.

Correctly Using the Keys of the Kingdom

Ephesians 2:6 says that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, far above every power and principality. You are not fighting for victory today, but from victory. The enemy is already a defeated foe. God is teaching us how to effectively use the Keys of the Kingdom, seen in Matthew 16:19. I want to explain this scripture to you. Many translations say, “What you bind on earth, is bound in heaven. What you loose on earth, is loosed in heaven.” But the actual Greek translation says, “What you bind on earth, is what is already bound in heaven. What you loose on earth, is what is already loosed in heaven.” This greatly changes the order of things. 

It’s not that you bind something demonic here on earth and then it becomes bound in heaven. No, you are acting as a divine administrator binding on earth what has already been bound in heaven. You are establishing in the earth what Jesus has already accomplished for us on the cross. Believers can lay hands on the sick and see them healed because Jesus already defeated sickness by His stripes. Jesus stripped the enemy of his authority and made an open show of him on the cross. Satan is already defeated. As new covenant believers we get to establish on the earth what has already been accomplished for us in heaven. This is how we use the Keys of the Kingdom.

Authority to Shut Down Demonic Operations

When you understand your heavenly identity and who you are in Christ you will operate with authority and rule from a heavenly place. You won’t just go with the flow of what is happening in the natural world around you. You won’t just submit to the atmosphere of this world. While you are in the world, you are not of this world. You can live from a higher dimension. When you use the Keys of the Kingdom you realize the enemy is already defeated and you are just enforcing that defeat. When you see conflict or strife or a demonic swirling around you, you don’t have to succumb to it. You can command your atmosphere, take authority over what is operating in the spirit realm and shut it down and cut it off. You can establish peace, joy, and freedom in your life, in your relationships and in the lives of others by using this authority from a place of revelation of what Christ has accomplished for you.

Seeing Tangible Shifts with Your Declarations 

I was recently at a church where the Lord gave me a dream about a young girl being bullied by a group of boys in her school.
 She was so tormented she couldn’t go to school any more. While in the meeting I prayed over her. God completely healed her of all trauma. But as I was praying, my prayers shifted from healing prayers to binding and loosing prayers. I loosed her from every demonic assignment set against her and broke that assignment off the boys that were being used by the enemy. Her mom wrote me by Facebook the next day and told me her daughter had been completely healed from her childhood trauma. She wrote again the next day and said her daughter went back to school for the first time. One of those boys was on the bus. When he approached her, rather than tormenting her, he apologized for doing what he did. When authority was used with revelation of what Jesus has already accomplished, demonic assignments were broken and prayer decrees and commands brought a tangible shift into the situation. This is how effective all our prayers can be when we pray, decree and declare from a place of revelation of the work Christ has done in defeating the enemy.

I Want you to Know Your Heavenly Identity

I want you to really know your heavenly identity. I put together an AMAZING VIDEO COURSE that will empower you in your true heavenly identity and break the power of the enemy that has been set against you. 
This is 6 hours of mentoring in video & audio sessions with Matt Sorger on understanding your heavenly identity. 
Includes: Teaching, Q&A, Prayer Impartation Time.

The enemy starts very young in people’s lives attacking their identity. If he can successfully lie to them about who they are he can limit or hinder their destiny. Everything you do flows from who you are and who you see yourself to be. In this mentoring series, I will be teaching you who you really are. Once you know the truth the enemy can never lie to you again! And you will be really free!



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