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Living Out Of the Overflow

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Practical Insights into Carrying the Glory of God

A Teaching by Matt Sorger

There is a place in God where you can live out of the overflow. God doesn’t want to give you just enough anointing and presence so you can experience personal breakthrough. He wants to give you more than that! You can be so full of the Holy Spirit that His presence is overflowing out of your inner spirit man, into every area of your soul and body and then into the space around you. As His presence overflows from within you, your breakthrough becomes a breakthrough for someone else. The anointing that empowers you can overflow outside of you bringing healing and freedom to those you come into contact with.

So how do we get there? How do we get to the point where we move beyond private and personal breakthrough to being so full of the Holy Spirit that we become carriers of His glory. Here are some important keys I have learned over the years.

1. It takes time.  Just like when you soak a sponge in a bucket of water, it takes time for the sponge to absorb what it is being immersed in. If we are to be saturated with the Holy Spirit, that means we need to spend time with Him. As you make the choice to spend focused time in His presence, He will surely fill you. Over time you will begin to overflow with His presence.

2. Intentionally welcome the Holy Spirit into you every day. As you sit and pray welcome the Holy Spirit to fill you. Ask Him to fill you. Ask Him to saturate every area of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate any darkness in you and to expose it and drive it out. Yes the Holy Spirit is already in us. But Paul teaches to be continually filled with the Spirit. So we can daily ask the Holy Spirit to fill us. This is how we carry a consistent overflowing atmosphere of His presence.

3. Understand the different levels of prayer. There are many types of prayer found in the bible. Here are some we experience often in our prayer times.

  • Repentance prayer. This is when we come before God and experience conviction. As we draw near to God we become more aware of the things that have grieved Him in our thoughts, attitudes and actions. So we spend time confessing and asking for forgiveness until we feel cleansed of sin and iniquity.
  • Petition prayer. This is where we lift up to God the things that concern us. We feel certain needs, concerns or worries so we talk to God about the things that are on our hearts and minds. We ask Him to intervene and move in these situations. This type of prayer often moves into intercession where we lift up the needs of others to God believing He hears us and will move on the behalf of that person.
  • Many people stop at these first two levels of prayer. They experience personal relief as burdens are lifted and sin is cleansed. They feel good after praying. When they are finished talking to God they say “Amen”, and move on with their day.  But I want to encourage you today. This is where true deeper prayer actually begins.  This is where we can move into communion prayer.
  • Communion prayer. This is beyond confessing our sin, telling God our needs and praying for those around us. Communion prayer can take you so deep into His presence that you can’t even speak. This type of prayer is not about words. It’s about being. It’s about entering into His presence with love, adoration and worship not for what He can do for you, but because of who He is. As you enter into His presence you experience a communion with God much deeper than words. It’s heart to heart, spirit to spirit, face to face. It’s in this place of prayer that you get saturated with His presence to the point you begin to overflow His glory. This is where you become a glory carrier. This is where His presence saturates the air around you and you begin to see His power touch those you come into contact with. But that power isn’t the focus or goal. Knowing God is the focus. The power is the glorious byproduct.

As you move through the different stages of prayer there will come a point where you become tangibly aware of His presence. You have broken through the earthly hindrances. When you get to this place, linger there. Don’t be in a rush. For the longer you stay, the more you will be filled and the more anointing you will carry and operate in. This is one of the greatest keys to becoming a glory carrier.

My heart is that each one of you learn how to live your life from the heavenly place of His glory and experience this dimension of overflow. I have recently put together a series of teachings called LIVING OUT OF THE OVERFLOW.  I teach how YOU can experience a new depth of God’s presence and power and not only see your own life transformed but see those around you powerfully impacted by the Holy Spirit. This type of life is available to you. Invest in yourself today. There will come a day many others will be glad you did!

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