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Mantles - Moving to Your New Level of Spiritual Authority

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Prophetic Teaching by Matt Sorger

We are in a prophetic season where God is releasing new mantles upon some and activating existing mantles on others. I want to share some revelation regarding moving to your next level of spiritual authority and power and walking in the fullness of your mantle.

There is a general “authority of the believer” that we all have through faith in Christ. But not everyone actually walks in the same level of spiritual authority. The enemy can see and perceive in the spirit realm the level of authority you walk in. He can see the level of consecration, glory and presence you carry on your life. He can also equally perceive the level of compromise and sin that is in your life. The deeper your life is submitted to God, the greater the level of authority and power you will walk in.

There is a progression that takes place in each of our lives of being called, anointed and entrusted with spiritual authority and influence. We can see this in the life of David. David was not just anointed once to be king of Israel. He went through a progression of anointings that caused him to ultimately rule as king. David was anointed three times before he stepped into his ultimate level of spiritual authority.

There is a difference between anointing and authority. David was anointed to be king while he was still a shepherd boy. (1 Sam 16:13) He did not become king right away. Yet he carried the anointing for it. Over time, as his heart and life were tested, and as he grew in the anointing that was placed upon him, he increased in the level of authority he carried. In 2 Sam 2:4 he was anointed a second time to be King of Judah. Then after
another 7 1/2 years he was then finally anointed to be king of both Israel and Judah. (2 Sam 5:3) This reign lasted 33 years. Over time David stepped into the manifestation of the anointing that came upon him as a shepherd boy and increased in the measure of authority he walked in.

Scripture gives us secrets to not only being anointed by God, but stepping into the full manifestation of that anointing, as well as increasing our level of spiritual authority in the process. God doesn’t want to just anoint you. He wants you to mature in that anointing and move in the fullness of your spiritual authority in Christ.

We are in a season right now where people are being promoted to new levels of spiritual authority as kings in God’s Kingdom. They will carry so much of the glory and presence of God upon them that demons will flee at their presence. They will live and move in a very high level of Kingdom power and influence.

I want to see you go to your next level of anointing and authority. I want you to be dangerous for the Kingdom of God. I want you to get the keys to moving higher. I have expounded on these truths in my teaching sets on heavenly mantles. God wants to mantle, anoint and empower you to fulfill His purpose for your life.

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