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A Tribute to Jill Austin
by Matt Sorger

I can remember my first encounters with Jill and the fiery anointing she carried on her life. I was attending a conference at Harvest Rock Church with Che Ahn and Jill Austin was ministering in the meeting. She preached with her usual dramatic flair and passionately stirred the hearts of the people into a radical hunger for God. I’ll never forget as she walked around the alter waving her hands at people as the power of God began to swirl around the room. Bodies were thrown all over the place as the realm of God’s glory invaded the atmosphere. I was sitting on the front row that night. When Jill came near me I was overcome with God’s presence and was caught up into a divine encounter with the Lord.

On another occasion, I was up at Wesley and Stacey Campbell’s Eyes and Wings Conference in Canada. Jill once again was ministering. That night she shared about the ministry of Lonnie Frisbie and the Jesus People Movement. As she shared some of her own personal history and story I was captivated by her zeal and fire in the Lord. I’ll never forget her famous words “Do you want a visitation?” “How hungry are you?” Her passion stirred a hunger in my heart for more of Holy Spirit. My favorite Jill Austin quote is “Is your shadow dangerous?!” This was in reference to Peter’s shadow that healed the sick and cast out demons. I have since adopted that line into my own preaching.

That night in the meeting Jill began to release the “Lonnie Frisbie anointing”. Lonnie was a fiery evangelist from the Jesus People Movement. As she released this anointing into the room, she pulled me out from the crowd and told me to stand on the chairs and release the anointing. The Holy Spirit came over me and I started to dive over the chairs releasing the fire of God. This was about 5 years ago. Since then when the anointing comes upon me in meetings, I sometimes stand on the chairs and move through the crowd as the power of God falls. My “chair standing anointing” was inspired by Jill Austin. I loved it!

Several years ago as the Lord released me into my own traveling prophetic ministry, I have had the privilege of ministering several times with Jill in meetings and conferences. It was always a blast! We had so much fun in Holy Spirit, seeing Him move and change people’s lives. I can definitely say her fire was an inspiration to me in my own ministry.

Jill was scheduled to be with us this week in our New Year Prophetic Glory Conference. She was so excited to be with us. When she first went into the hospital last week for emergency surgery she told the doctor, “Oh, I have to be out of the hospital by Sunday. I have a meeting in NY to go to!” That was Jill’s heart. She was so zealous for God. Even in the midst of her own physical suffering, she was thinking about what God wanted to do in the meeting.

My heart will greatly miss this fiery prophet, but my spirit rejoices that she is now dancing with Jesus in glory with a brand new body! She was taken quickly. The Lord called her home. But her life and inspiration will live on through many still here on the earth. Jill carried an unusual anointing of fire, zeal and passion for Jesus. Holy Spirit was her closest friend. Angels were her companions. She was full of life and was great fun to be with! I honor the life she lived in devotion to God. I honor the anointing she carried on her life. I honor her friend, Holy Spirit. I believe when a seed is planted in the ground, it does not remain alone, but it produces a harvest. I believe Jill’s life will be multiplied through those who knew and were impacted by her.

At our New Year Glory Gathering in New York, where Jill was scheduled to minister we will be praying for the mantle of the Holy Spirit to be released and imparted; that fiery, radical breaker anointing Spirit that releases the tangible glory and power of God. We will also be presenting a Jill Austin Tribute during the conference in honor and love for this dear woman of God. Her life will continue to be an inspiration to many!


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