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Prophetic Teaching by Matt Sorger

I was 18 years old at the time. I was on my first missions trip at an orphanage in Mexico. One night a small group of us went to the roof of the orphanage and spent hours worshipping God. I prayed a prayer that night that changed my life forever. I was so hungry for God’s presence and wanted to be so surrendered and filled with Him that I began to pray for God to possess every fiber of my being. I wanted every cell in my body to be full of the Holy Spirit. As I prayed this prayer I could feel the raw, electric power of God filling every molecule in my body. It was a full Holy Spirit possession. I cried out, “God possess every molecule in my body!” And He did.

Many times when we talk about possession it’s in reference to the demonic. This is when someone is so given over to darkness and demonic forces that they are “taken over” by another spirit, a demonic one. But just as people yield their lives to darkness, we can yield our lives to God. We can so hunger and surrender to God that Holy Spirit fills every part of who we are, including our spirit, soul and body.

Just as there are levels of surrender, there are levels in which God fills us. The deeper the surrender, the deeper the filling. You can be so possessed by the Holy Spirit that you live with an awareness of His tangible presence, so full of Him that the cloud of His glory is within and upon you everywhere you go. This will not only have a deep impact on you, but a profound impact on those around you. I love it when me and my wife Stephanie walk up to the check in counter at an airport. The clerk doesn’t always realize what they are experiencing, but they feel it!

Just the other day as I approached an airport counter, the check in clerk looked at me and burst out saying, “You are so nice! I just LOVE you!” What she was encountering was the radiance of God’s love and presence coming from me. It overwhelmed her almost instantly. You can live with this radiance too! You can be possessed by God!

I have a 4 part teaching on how to live possessed by God. You can go to a new level of surrender and saturation. You can live 100% yoked with the Holy Spirit and radiate Him everywhere you go. I encourage you to get equipped and fill your heart with truth on how to let the Holy Spirit have a full takeover in your life. You are in this world, but not of it. You live from a higher dimension and reality. Get equipped today through this 4 part teaching, Possessed by God. It’s time to go deeper and higher!

Possessed by God is available in both CD and MP3.

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