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Sustaining a Permanent Change

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By Matt Sorger

Overcome the Stubborn Areas of Your Life!

God doesn’t just want to give you momentary relief. He wants to give you a permanent transformation. It is possible to experience total freedom from every demonic harassment and from every inherited weakness. You can be free from the influence of demonic spirits as well as overcome the weaknesses of the sinful nature. You can have a demon removed from your life, but you can’t cast yourself out. Self has to undergo a very deep transformation. God doesn’t just want to make you a better you. He wants to make you completely new. From the scriptures and from my own experience of walking twenty six years with God I have learned that true lasting freedom is the result of both spiritual deliverance and inner transformation.

It’s often a desperate need that causes us to pursue God. I see this in the story of Jacob in Gen 32. Jacob is being pursued by his brother Esau who was deceived out of his birthright and blessing. Jacob, fearing for his life, tells God that he will not let Him go until He blesses him. He knows that if he doesn’t receive God’s blessing his life is probably over. Desperation causes him to not let go. While Jacob is seeking a blessing, God is seeking something much deeper. Right after Jacob asks for a blessing, the angel of the Lord asks one simple question to Jacob, “What is your name?” I love how the Amplified Bible writes the response. In the shock of self realization he says, “Jacob [supplanter, schemer, trickster, swindler]!” Right in the middle of Jacob seeking God’s blessing, God confronts the condition of Jacob’s inner nature. Once this confrontation takes place, a transformation happens by the hand of God. He is transformed from Jacob to Israel, Prince with God. He goes from a deceiver to one who has power with God and man.

Many times while we are seeking God’s blessings, God is seeking our transformation. When God confronts our condition it’s because He wants to give us the power to change. He doesn’t just confront us and leave us there. He transforms us! He empowers us to be a contender with God and to become all He has destined us to be. There is a reason God had to transform Jacob. It’s actually much bigger than Jacob. God wanted to form a nation. He wanted to multiply Jacob. But He didn’t want a nation of Jacobites. He wanted a nation of Israelites. God wants to multiply and increase us! But before He can He first needs to transform us so the right thing is multiplied.

This transformation process IS possible. Even the STUBBORN areas of your life CAN change. You just have to understand the principles and truths behind deep, lasting transformation, deliverance and healing. In time, your breakthroughs become a breakthrough for somebody else. God will anoint you to not only be free but to help set others free!

I want to see you free! Today I want to get into your hand two resources that will empower you to changeand live in freedom. One teaching set is called DELIVERANCE & PERMANENT CHANGE. The other is called BREAKING STRONGHOLDS. In these two teaching sets I go in-depth into HOW you can walk free from demonic strongholds and also from the self nature. I also teach you how to minister freedom to others. I encourage you to get these teaching sets and sow them into your inner man so you can be strong and overcome every assignment the enemy would have on your life. You are destined for greatness. Begin living in your new freedom today.

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