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Take Down Your Giant - Fulfill Your Destiny

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By Matt Sorger

Do you ever feel like there is something standing in the way between you and your destiny? Maybe it’s a circumstance, or the actions of others, or something within your own self that you struggle with. You are not alone. Every person, including myself, that has crossed over into their promised land of purpose and destiny has faced challenges along the way. When God called Israel to enter into their promised land, they didn’t just stroll into their inheritance. Yes, God had promised them an amazing land. But it was occupied by giants. Israel had to face these giants in order to receive the goodness God had for them.

Overcome Giants of Intimidation
The enemy doesn’t want you to possess all God has for you. He will seek to intimidate you to keep you from crossing over into a greater level of promise and fulfillment. I’ve noticed in my own life that each time God has taken me to a new level of anointing, authority and increase, it didn’t come without opposition. I’ve learned that right before the greatest breakthrough comes the greatest spiritual resistance. When I was 14 years old my mom experienced a miracle healing from God in a Catholic Charismatic healing mass. She had been sick for two years getting worse and worse until she was practically bedridden. She was on 24 bottles of medicine a day! The day she was about to attend a healing service, every symptom and pain in her body magnified. She had to drag her body out of bed to get to church. When she entered the sanctuary she collapsed on the floor. The resistance was great!

The Enemy is Terrified!
The reason the warfare was so great, was because the enemy was terrified! He knew that if my mom got into the presence of God, he was done for. That night as the power of God came upon her body, she was thrown ten feet through the air with volts of God’s electric power surging through her body. She was instantly saved, healed and set free all in one shot! That very week my entire family got saved and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I was fourteen years old. An anointing came upon my entire family. And from that moment of encounter and revelation God launched us into a global healing and deliverance ministry, preaching and teaching the power of God’s word and seeing the glory of God encounter multitudes in a life changing way.

You Are Going Somewhere
God has an inheritance for you! The warfare you experience is not always about where you have come from. Many times it’s about where you are going. When the enemy is terrified, he presses in harder. If you have felt any spiritual opposition come against you recently, get really happy. It means you are about to enter into a whole new level of glory, power and authority in the Kingdom of God!

I want to see you take down every giant that would stand against the promised land God has for you. Whether it’s a circumstance, a spiritual force operating through a person, or a personal battle within your own self, you can overcome and obtain every promise, word and destiny God has for you. You can identify your giants and see them completely defeated. In my own life I’ve had to overcome giants of fear, insecurity, rejection and lots more! But God’s grace and power can not only deliver you from something, but bring you into the full destiny He has for you.

Overcome Your Giants Today
I teach you how to overcome your giants in my new teaching set, Take Down Your Giant - Fulfill Your Destiny. We have it in both CD and MP3 format for you. I encourage you to take the time to sow this revelation into your heart. You will be equipped and empowered to not only be delivered from the enemy, but to also enter into the fullness of God’s inheritance for your life. Refuse to settle for anything less than all God has for you! You have an inheritance. It’s time to occupy it today.

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