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Access God’s Unlimited Power

Prophetic teaching by Matt Sorger

This teaching article will take you about one minute to read. It may be the most important one minute of your day. Get ready to have your mind blown by God.

There is a place in God where you can access and live in the unlimited power of the Holy Spirt. Paul’s prayer and teaching in Ephesians gives us the keys that unlock the surpassing greatness of God’s power in our lives.

Eph 1:17-20 talks about the spirit of wisdom and revelation that gives us insight into the secrets of God and causes us to know Him in a very intimate way. The spirit of revelation operates by flooding the eyes of our heart with light. As our heart is flooded with light we come to know through experience the immeasurable, unlimited, surpassing greatness of His power in us and for us who believe. (Eph 1:19) The key word here is unlimited. Not only did Jesus have access to God’s unlimited power, but we do as well. It’s through the spirit of revelation flooding the eyes of our heart.

But we have to ask ourselves, “What are the eyes of my heart? Does my heart have eyes? How does this work?”

These questions led me on a quest to understand what is meant by “the heart” and how the “eyes of my heart” work. In the process I discovered that we really are wonderfully created by God. He has woven together in an amazing way our spirit, soul and body.

I began to do some research with both scientific and medical studies of the heart. I wanted to know what scientists and heart doctors had to say about the heart and its eyes. I was stunned by what I discovered. I discovered that we don’t have just one brain. We have three! Often times when we think of the mind and brain we think of our cranial brain located in our head. Our brain consists of brain cells called neurons. These brain cells work with the eyes in our head to process images, thoughts, and understanding.

As scientists have studied the human heart they have discovered that it is much more than just the pump in the body circulating the blood. Scientists are now calling the heart the “mini-brain” because they have found that our heart has around 10,000 brain cells within it! These brain cells have the capacity to hold thoughts, memories and emotions. There are great implications to this discovery

As I continued researching I found that science has also found a third brain in the human body. It starts from the end of the esophagus and goes all the way through our stomach and intestines. Science has discovered that the lining of our gut has over 100 million neurons, brain cells! Oh wow!


In my teaching series on The Three Brains, I break down in depth the scriptures on the heart. I locate where the person of the Holy Spirit literally dwells within us. I share how He actually communicates with our three brains on an intuitive level and I show how the electrical impulses within our body carry and process this information. I explain what it means to be truly Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered. I explain how the spirit of wisdom and revelation work with the eyes of our heart. This teaching will transform your understanding of how the Holy Spirit talks and communicates with you and will give you the keys to understand how to access God’s unlimited power in your life.

I encourage you to get this newest teaching the Holy Spirit has given me. It will transform your walk and life in the Spirit. It will help you break through every limit and boundary in your life and see God’s power unleashed on your behalf. This newest series on The Three Brains is a 3 message series that can be obtained in both CD and MP3 format.

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