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Have you ever had the desire to see God's power move through you? Well you can! Below I give you keys to operating in God's miracle power.

God desires to release creative miracles through your life to others. Jesus came preaching the gospel, teaching the good news, healing the sick and setting people free. These four things are the hallmarks of Christ’s ministry on the earth and as His body we are called to release this same ministry today.

I’ll never forget the time I was ministering in Mexico in a crusade. During the worship, God spoke to my heart that He was going to open deaf ears. As I called it out over the crowd, deaf ears began popping open all over the stadium. Then my team brought a young girl onto the platform. When they pulled back her hair, I saw that she had no ears at all. She just had two little holes in the side of her head. She was born without ears and without eardrums. How do you heal an ear when there is no ear there? When her feet touched the platform the power of God went through her body and God worked a creative miracle. She heard a popping noise in her ear as God formed ear drums inside of her head. For the first time since birth she could hear!

God wants to activate you to a new level of walking in the miraculous! Here are a important keys to seeing miracles released through your life!

•   Have revelation from God’s word of His heart and will to heal. Spend time reading the Bible.

•   Build your faith up by reading the Gospel accounts of healing in the life of Jesus.

•   Read and listen to healing testimonies. This will increase your faith.

•   Pray for God’s love to fill your heart. Love activates faith.

•   Worship and invite God’s presence into your prayer time. This will increase His tangible anointing upon you.

•   Pray for the gifts of healing, working of miracles, and gift of faith to be stirred up in you.

•   Spend time listening to messages, preaching and teaching that inspire your faith in God’s power.

•   Spend time hanging around people who have faith for miracles.

•   Spend time receiving from ministries that are operating in miracles. The anointing is transferable!

•   Step out and pray for people in the name of Jesus.

I believe you can walk in the same ministry Jesus operated in while on the earth. You are His hands and feet. My 4-part teaching set Operating in Creative Miracles will help inspire, equip and empower you to walk in God’s power. It is available in both CD and MP3 download.

YES! I want to receive my 4-part teaching on Operating in Creative Miracles.

In this series, Matt shares powerful revelation from the word of God concerning the heart and nature of God to heal. He answers many of the common misconceptions concerning divine healing and builds a platform from which your faith can be activated to a new level. You will also learn how to operate in the healing anointing and gift of faith, releasing you into a life and ministry of creative miracles.

Teachings Include:
God's Will to Heal
Faith for Creative Miracles
Four Methods of Divine Healing
Releasing the Healing Anointing


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