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God healed my heart

August 5th, 2020

God healed my heart last night when you were praying. At church my pastor had preached on "heart conditions" & I heard (your heart is shattered) & I was surprised! I said "Oh Lord only you can heal me I can't" ~ Then watching your last FB ~ I didn't expect it; but I am no longer grieving/sorrowful. I have felt light as a feather. My husband left me after 23 years, I was sick & now in remission. He had remarried three years ago & (I prayed all these years for him to be saved) & he got save recently. I was VERY happy but totally baffled by its timing... & since then was so wounded feeling. Now I am not! 😊 Thank YOU


Perseverance under Trial

July 16th, 2020

It's been a long season of trial and hardship but I stand here today victorious because of the Grace of God. Since June of 2018 I have been on a journey of growth as a man and have faced persecution for my faith as well as rejection and necessary separation from my family. Yet in the process I have grown and seen many healings and have come to understand my worth as God's child. I moved approximately 26 times since June of 2018, have gone on a mission trip to portico, been homeless and have been harassed by people as well as rejected by friends and family. Yet in this God has fathered me in ways my earthly father never did and I have learned perseverance. During this time I came across your ministry Matt and have gleaned much from your life giving messages. I stand here today after seeing the power of God manifest in my life. When I came to South Dakota with not much of a plan, I arrived here with 900 dollars and in the course of two hours I was able to secure a month to month rent and a storage spot as well. They were the last two available. The next day I found a good fellowship to attend and the same day I ended up playing guitar at a wedding that I was paid for. God has opened doors to say the least.

I still need to process and refresh but God is faithful and he will provide! At times I felt like David. Through all this I spent hours with God camping in the woods and read books like Wild at heart and Fathered by God by John Eldridge and it was in this wild wilderness season that I experienced intimacy with God I don't think would have been possible any other way. I now have a place to live and God willing a job starting very soon and I have started writing my book! Praise the Lord! Thank you Matt for the encouragement and the hope you give through your life giving messages. You give me joy! Some times I crack up just watching you! Praise God! The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

James Staskelunas

sioux falls, SD
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Our ministry has expanded!

June 8th, 2020

Hello Matt we met just met in London almost 4 years. You gave a word. You saw me treshing on new fields and seen the fruit of it. At the moment, I did not mention to you that I am Spanish Jewish by birth and at the moment I heard you I was in my last months to come back to Spain with the purpose of working on the unreached peoples of the country and from here Israel. In Spain we have 7,133 populations about 1,000 people where nobody has ever preached the Gospel. Our calling is with a Disciple Making Movement to promote a Church Planting Movement. Since we came back with a team work our ministry has expanded in more than 12 populations and today when I saw you live transmission the Lord reminded me about the word He gave through you and to share this testimony with you. Praise the Lord for your life. Please pray for us in Spain


2 Ways God Prunes You to Produce Better Fruit - Charisma Magazine Article

June 2nd, 2020

I came across your article when I was searching about the fruit and the vine. I read the whole article. First, I wanna say thank you for publishing that. Every word spoke to me. Especially, the part where how we are a different person when nobody's around vs when you're surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ. I saw myself in the article you wrote. It convicted me because I saw myself in the whole article.

It is really hard to exercise your faith when you're around your family. Especially when you're the only christian in the bunch and you're not yet strong in your faith. But it's also kinda nice to know that I am not the only one who's dealing w this kind of attitude.

To this I am still pushing to be better. Your article is a great reminder for me to constantly need to change my attitude and perspective and to just trust God w everything. Thanks again!



God's Amazing Love

April 17th, 2020

I had seen Matt on Joan Hunter's website prior. I recently saw a YouTube video & watched a Sid Roth episode with Matt. He spoke "hope deferred makes the heart sick" which had been given by a pastor prior whose church I visit. This really got my attention & then Matt said I'd have the healing I needed to do God's work. These 2 spots so lifted me up & also brought me hope again; I've waited over 40 years for the healing that God started with 1 Peter 4:12 on a church bulletin. May God richly bless & guide your work. You have strengthened me to rise to do God's work again. I'm so grateful!

Cindy Flaskey

Roberts, MT
Category: Healing

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