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God's Amazing Love

April 17th, 2020

I had seen Matt on Joan Hunter's website prior. I recently saw a YouTube video & watched a Sid Roth episode with Matt. He spoke "hope deferred makes the heart sick" which had been given by a pastor prior whose church I visit. This really got my attention & then Matt said I'd have the healing I needed to do God's work. These 2 spots so lifted me up & also brought me hope again; I've waited over 40 years for the healing that God started with 1 Peter 4:12 on a church bulletin. May God richly bless & guide your work. You have strengthened me to rise to do God's work again. I'm so grateful!

Cindy Flaskey

Roberts, MT
Category: Healing

I'm a glory-carrier!

March 4th, 2020

I'm a glory-carrier! I listen to your tapes--and I felt that after that some things started to happen in the Spirit--when I sang. There will be a shift...Thank you. I am in desperate need of mentoring to understand how to be established and get to do what I am created to do. Been following you since 2013--NY state meeting.

Letty M'Kaddesh

Leominster-Natick, MA
Category: Impartation

This Month's Mentoring Video

February 10th, 2020

I just listened to this month’s mentoring video. WOW!!! Incredible I love how you broke everything down into simple steps. I am over the moon excited, every time you pray I feel a tangible presence of glory fall upon me, and it is powerful. Thank you so much for this amazing teaching. My husband and I have been so blessed by your ministry. Blessings and Love to your family!


Shifting from Earthly Provision to Father God's Provision

January 6th, 2020

Recieved a bill from the state to repay benefits. when my husband was layed off. oilfield welder. it was not much but over 20yr period they demanded 10k. Were were debt free & getting ready to enter evangelism. I remembered a minister saying, when ever there's a problem, there is a promise. I was a baby christian. Asking the Father what promise, I recieved the thought BUT GOD! shall/has alreadyl supply/supplied All my needs, according to HIS (unlimited) Riches in GLORY (heaven account/store house/creative miracles) THRU CHRIST JESUS. I took the envelope, wrote Phillipines 4:19 on one side. On the other side, wrote a ck to my heavenly acc for 10k signed Jesus nme with a red pen/his blood. holding it up to the Heavenly Father making a withdraw by faith from my heavenly account. in the spirit on my rt side I saw gold dust falling from heaven. it got bigger & bigger like rocks to bolders of gold. I thanked God for His confirmation in the spirit (my 1st x in the spirit) that was Friday. I told no one. Went to church sun worshipped with bill in my hand. Mon. I called to confirm the state request amt. To my expected surprise, they couldn't find the bill. Father God removed it! lets live in Gods Abundance rather from need to need knowing The Father God has already provided for us, just like Jesus Family with the 3 kings treasure before they fled to Egypt! don't limit God he can create abundance provision. we are following HIS blue print for our lives. only God the Father gets all the GLORY, HONOR & Praise. JESUS SAID ONLY THE FATHER IS GOOD.


Houston, TX

Are You a Feeler E-Course

December 9th, 2019

The very thing you are discussing I have been battling back-and-forth. Not everyone understands the spirit realm. I thank you for creating this mentoring which is bringing much light to the things that I have been battling for a few years now. This is awesome. Thank You


Category: Mentoring

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