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Anointing to Mature the Body Part 3 - A Fresh Anointing from God

Everywhere you go you are going to release the presence and power of God. He is raising you up to be a voice for Him. He is maturing you into a voice that will release His love and glory to others. Click like and share.

Co-creating with God Part 1 - The Prophets Reward

You can receive a prophet’s reward. Today I teach on what the prophet’s reward is and how you can see every secret desire of your heart fulfilled. Click like and share with others!

Co-creating with God Part 2 - Working with God

When you decree what God says, miracles will happen all around you. You are a breakthrough waiting to happen. Your weakness doesn’t disqualify you. It keeps you dependent on God. Learn how to access God’s strength in every weakness. Click like and share with others.

Co-creating with God Part 3 - The Process of Moving with God

Your breakthrough is in process. Learn today how to take steps to move forward in your breakthrough, healing and transformation. Today I share about the time I tried to lose weight! If you’ve ever tried to lost a few pounds you will relate to what I share today!

Divine Favor Part 1 - God's Clearing Space

As a new covenant believer you are under God's divine grace and favor. At times God will clear space in your life so He can fill it with something even better!

Divine Favor Part 2 - The Limits Are Coming Off

When God's favor is on you, He removes all the limits from your life. Nothing is impossible for you. Learn how to have every limit, constraint and hindrance removed from your life.

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