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It’s a real pleasure and my honor to give you my recommendation of the ministry of Matt Sorger. I’ve watched Matt over the years. I’ve watched him closely in conferences and meetings. We’ve had times of fellowship and have ministered together. I’ve been very impressed with Matt’s maturity for his age and his heart after God. The more I talk with Matt, actually the more impressed I am with where God has brought him in his young life. I want to say to you I believe this is a ministry raised up by God for this time and season. I believe Matt has only begun to move into what God has for him and that over the next ten to fifteen years he will be a recognized leader. He already is, but I’m talking about a level Matt has not even begun to move into. He will lead a generation of Americans into a new season of what God has for them. I love this ministry. I love this young man. It’s my joy to partner with him. God bless you.

Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets Ministries dutchsheets.org
I just want to say that Matt Sorger radiates the love of God. You just walk in the room and you can feel the presence of God around him. That’s why I love coming to NY to be at his conferences. I love being with him. Because Matt Sorger carries the presence and it’s about carrying Jesus to the broken and the lost and to the church. So I love this ministry and yes it’s beautiful and it’s real. It’s holy. Yay, God!

Heidi Baker

Iris Ministries irisglobal.org
I want to commend to you the life and ministry of Matt Sorger. It is such a blessing to see another generation arising who loves the integrity of the word of God and who has character to carry the gift and who has unfeigned zeal for the work of the Holy Spirit today. The Bible says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I want to invite you to be a prayer partner or financial contributor to Matt Sorger Ministries. When you bless this ministry, you end up helping feed orphans in India, touch pastors in other countries as well as you, yourself, will receive a blessing. Remember you receive a blessing to where you sow your seed. I just want to thank you for considering partnering with this ministry and may God bless you.

James Goll

Encounters Network, author of The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession and others encountersnetwork.com
I want to talk to you just a minute about an upcoming powerful younger generation, an apostolic prophetic voice that God is bringing on the scene today that is Matt Sorger and Matt Sorger Ministries. This young man has such a powerful anointing, such a dynamic of the Holy Spirit to see the body of Christ impacted, equipped and empowered to be everything God has called them to be. I know Matt well. I know that he has a heart for the nations and he has a heart for this nation and a heart for the people in the church to begin to arise to their fullest potential and the fullest calling in Jesus Christ. These are critical times that we are in that we must be able to hear the prophetic voice of God and we must be equipped to work and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Matt has such a passion to see people not only receive the impartation of the Spirit, but to be able to go out from there and begin to release the impartation everywhere they go – in their workplace, in their schools, on their college campuses, as well as all aspects of life. So I want to encourage you during this season of time that as God is bringing forth the younger generation in ministry that it’s a good time for you to consider partnering with Matt Sorger and all the works that God has called him to do. He has a powerful television ministry in the show Power For Life. His outreach has impacted many different nations, many aspects even in this land. So I want to encourage you: to pray for him, support him with your prayers. And I want to encourage you to consider partnering with him in a financial way. Because anything God asks you to do normally involves money, so I want to encourage you to consider making a monthly gift that will help him to facilitate all the things God has spoken for him to do in this very critical hour. This is the day God is bringing the older generation and younger generation together to bring a powerful synergy in the body of Christ. So I want to encourage you to seek the Lord, pray for Matt Sorger, pray for his ministry and partner with him in some way to help the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth. God bless you.

Jane Hamon

Christian International christianinternational.com
I am so excited to partner with Matt Sorger’s ministry. He is a radical young apostolic man that moves in signs and wonders, carries the glory of the Lord, moves in radical missions and impartation. He’s very entrepreneur and moves in market place anointing. He has a twenty-first century, cutting-edge anointing. So I want to encourage you to partner with him like I have.

Jill Austin

Master Potter Ministries
Matt Sorger is a great friend of mine and he is an amazing man of God. God is using him all over this nation and around the world to spread revival and the move of God. People are being healed, saved and set free everywhere Matt goes. This is an amazing ministry. It’s fertile ground for what God is doing in this day and hour. God is using Matt as a voice for His word to be heard to release the message of His glory so that people would hear and be set free. The Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge. But the opposite of that is people getting the knowledge and revelation, and then they begin to prosper. That’s what’s happening here with Matt Sorger Ministries. God is literally releasing His word, His voice through Matt Sorger and through this ministry. People begin to prosper. People begin to flourish. This is a great ministry to sow your seed into by becoming a monthly partner, as they go into the nations of the earth and see the works of the Kingdom coming forth.

Joshua Mills

New Wine International joshuamills.com
I believe we are living in a very strategic hour, where God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh. And I believe that Matt Sorger is one of the vessels that God is using in a very special way to bring His presence and His anointing into people’s lives. I’m so glad I can say about my good friend Matt Sorger that he is a man of God, a man of integrity, and the anointing of revival glory is flowing through his ministry in a special wonderful way.

Mahesh Chavda

Chavda Ministries International chavdaministries.org
I want to encourage you to watch Matt’s program, Power for Life, and see what God is doing. I’m a man who believes in restoration and am on the front edge of what God is doing. Matt Sorger is walking right on the edge of what God is doing. He is out there on the front line. If you partner with him, you’ll see God’s power released in your life. If you support and partner with a man of God, you draw upon his anointing, his blessing. Let me encourage you to keep watching, keep participating, and keep partnering – and God’s prosperity and God’s blessing will be upon you.

Bill Hamon

Christian International Ministries christianinternational.com
Matt Sorger Ministries is one that expresses the power of God and His supernatural life. This is a ministry that, as you seed into, you will reap the rewards of power in your life. Give to this ministry and watch God increase His anointing and His power in your life.

Chuck Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries gloryofzion.org
The Lord is raising up a mighty army within the ranks of the younger generation -- a generation of warriors, tenacious and focused. This describes Matt Sorger. He is dedicated, passionate, and diligent as he serves the Lord with clear focus. Matt preaches a clear gospel message and moves in miracles, signs, and wonders. It is a privilege for me to stand with him and others like him in his generation who are being raised up in this hour.

Patricia King

Extreme Prophetic Television xpministries.org
I am so encouraged with everything God is doing in and through my good friend Matt Sorger and the whole team at Matt Sorger Ministries. It’s so encouraging to see a fresh young apostolic voice coming in the body of Christ in the nations bringing fresh zeal, fresh perspective and yet with a very humble heart with full roots in the word of God. Matt Sorger Ministries is a ministry that you can trust, a ministry you can believe in, a ministry I encourage you to sow into. It’s good soil, good ground. God is doing a great work through this ministry which is why I am thrilled to be a part of it. I’m so excited to join with you as we celebrate all that God is doing through the life of Matt Sorger and the Matt Sorger Ministries team. God bless you.

Robert Stearns

Eagles Wings Ministries eagleswings.to
The scripture says that everything in God’s temple cries “Glory” and that’s what I love about Matt Sorger Ministries – because that’s his favorite word, “Glory”. Everything in God’s temple cries “Glory.” Matt just catches the glory of God and when he grabs onto the glory of God, beholds the glory of God, he is transformed. I’ve been in meetings with Matt Sorger where the whole room just begins to fill with the glory. People are touched without being even touched. Nobody lays hands on them, nobody touches them. Suddenly the power of God comes and the glory of God touches them and multiplies and multiplies and multiplies. It’s the glory that keeps on going. I bless Matt Sorger Ministries and I bless a man who like Moses pursues God to the point that he says “Show us your glory.” I love Matt Sorger Ministries and his whole team.

Stacey Campbell

Revival Now, Be A Hero Ministries revivalnow.com
The last 17 years I’ve been traveling around the world and I’ve met a lot of young men and a lot of young ministers, and Matt Sorger is one of those that’s got integrity and passion, and compassion. It’s good soil to become a partner with and sow into the ministry of a young man who’s got many years ahead of him. I’m proud of him.

Randy Clark

Global Awakening globalawakening.com
I would just like to say something – nobody wants me to say it – but I'm going to say it anyway! Here's a little tidbit for you: In my prayer for this ministry, I know this from the Lord, Matt Sorger is about to walk into another level of anointing. And I know this, He has been anointed by the Lord to reach many young people in a generation that I'm not capable of reaching – but Matt is. The hand of God is upon him, Watch what God is going to do with this young man.

John Paul Jackson

Streams Ministries International streamsministries.com
I want to recommend to you Matt Sorger Ministries. I have known about Matt for about 3 years and I'm getting to know him now and I love this guy. He's a revivalist. He attracts the presence of God. He's everything that I love. He loves the manifestation of the Glory, and he's just plain a lover of Jesus. Those are the kinds of ministries I love to recommend -- full of integrity, full of God. Don't miss Matt Sorger and Power for Life!

Barbara Yoder

Shekinah Experience Jesus shekinahsite.org
I just want to share about my friend Matt Sorger, he is a revivalist, he's just a fire man! You can't get around this guy without getting a passion for souls, a passion for God, godly character and godly living. I really recommend this. I pray that God gives us thousands of revivalists just like him around the world.

Cindy Jacobs

Generals International generals.org
Hi I'm John Bevere and I've just finished a conference here with Matt Sorger leading it and it was amazing! The presence of God was so wonderful in the worship and the atmosphere was just amazing. Matt is such a tremendous young man. He has a heart for God, a heart for people and heart to build the Kingdom. You will be inspired! You will be greatly blessed by his ministry.

John Bevere

Messenger International messengerinternational.org
Hi I’m Bobby Conner from Eagles View Ministries. I want to give you a wonderful invitation to visit with Matt Sorger Ministries. He's a wonderful Man of God. I’ve know him for a number of years. I love his integrity. I love the stance that he has for the kingdom of God. So I give him my full endorsement and so I hope that you will really be in prayer for Matt, and get into his meetings and be a partner with him if you can. He is one of these wonderful new breed that is setting fire to the nations for the glory of God.

Bobby Conner

Eagles View Ministries bobbyconner.org
Hi I’m Bonnie Chavda, together with my husband Mehesh. We have founded the Watch of the Lord Prayer movement and also pastored All Nations Church in Charlotte NC. It is my privilege to recommend to you Matt Sorger, MSM Matt Sorger Ministries and his entire legacy. We have known Matt for a couple of decades now, and he is an authentic minister of the Gospel. Our world is hungry for authenticity. We are in desperate need of a revelation of the fatherhood of God and Matt, together with his family, is one of the authentic representatives of the legacy that God is yearning to breakout on the earth. In addition to the new renaissance that Matt carries, he also carries the essence of the ancient, and its one of the things we so appreciate about him. He's a man of the word, he's a man of balance and integrity, he's a man of powerful signs and wonders and he is a rising young apostolic leader in this generation. So we want to recommend to you Matt Sorger Ministries. You can grow in partnership together with them as they’re touching lives and nations. They're strategically planted in America, here in the area of New York as a gateway to our nation for revival in our nation but also from this gateway, as a carrier of revival to the nations. So I want to encourage you to glance this way afresh. Take a look at Matt, at his family legacy, at their integrity and their fruitfulness. If you are yearning for an impartation, for an apostolic influence, if you’re hungry to have your ministerial calling defined. If you want to be a part, just a part -- even in the background of destiny of what God is doing in this hour -- you should partner with Matt Sorger and Matt Sorger ministries. Signs and Wonder are coming your way. The blessing of God is coming your way. The revelation of God is coming your way, but most of all his now revolution is coming your way and MSM is a carrier of everything that you need for your discovery of God in this hour. God is, was, and is coming! Matt Sorger is a carrier of the real stuff. Get connected! Let’s grow in partnership together.

Bonnie Chavda

Chavda Ministries Internation chavdaministries.org
Matt Sorger Ministries is such an exciting ministry. I have known Matt for several years now. We've been friends and Matt not only does stuff in the US and conferences and crusades, they feed the poor, they go to Israel, they also go to the nations. When I first met Matt, I remember he was on his way to india doing an awesome crusade and outreach, feeding the poor. This is a cutting-edge ministry in NY. How many ministries in NY do you know? NY is one of the highest population areas in the United States that has the most dense population of souls, unsaved souls, and Matt Sorger Ministries is based right here in NY where you've got the masses of souls. NY is also a key, because it’s the key financial headquarters of the United States. It’s also the key for media and and the news. It’s a city and it’s a state that influences America and the world and Matt Sorger Ministries is based right here at the epicenter of this awesome state. When you support Matt Sorger Ministries, your supporting America being blessed, revival breaking out, souls being saved, blessing Israel, blessing the Jewish people and blessing the nations out of NY. If any state needs a move of God, I would say it’s NY. NY has been the most hit by terrorists. NY has the highest Jewish population. So Matt is strategically located in the state of NY which has the most influence, I believe, worldwide and in this nation. And there’s not any other that I know with major, revival, glory, miracle, breakthrough ministries in this state that’s doing what he's doing. So I highly recommend for you to support Matt Sorger Ministries as a partner and if you can't do that at least as a one time donation. Give him that offering to help him take the gospel to the ends of the earth. And I believe as we hold NY up and keep it strong spiritually, the rest of the nation will follow. This is David Herzog and I'm talking to you about Matt Sorger Ministries, an awesome ministry and a good friend of mine.

David Herzog

The Glory Zone thegloryzone.org
Matt Sorger is a dynamic man of God who carries the heartbeat of God for this generation. He walks with God in a lifestyle of prayer and fasting with complete devotion and consecration. I worked with Matt for a year during The Call NYC and we shared many times of prayer together. Matt possesses a deep passion for the Lord and a hunger for true revival. His life is marked by the humility of Christ while at the same time carrying a deep spiritual authority. His spiritual maturity and anointing are beyond his years. Matt served The Call NYC with a spirit of excellence working as the Long Island Coordinator and hosting several Pre-Call Gatherings. He truly walks and lives in the power and presence of God and carries an anointing for signs and wonders. At The Call NYC Matt, along with Che Ahn and Argentinean Revivalist Claudio Friedzon released the anointing of the Holy Spirit for signs and wonders with many receiving a miraculous healing. I believe God will use Matt mightily during this next move of God. As a spiritual father, I am proud to recommend his ministry to you.

Lou Engle

The Call louengle.com
Matt Sorger is part of the new bread of leadership coming from this emerging generation that has received an amazing grace to lead the church into deeper intimacy with Jesus and an anointing to release greater faith for this present revival.

Che Ahn

Harvest International Ministries and Harvest Rock Church hrockchurch.com
Revivalists typically don't come from New York-at least not since the days of Charles Finney. But Sorger is an exception. A product of Zion Bible College in Rhode Island, he served as a coordinator for The Call NYC, a massive prayer gathering held in the state in 2002. As an itinerant preacher-with a proven track record of miracles-he raises hopes that the Holy Spirit is thawing one of the most spiritually bleak regions of the country. Says his mentor, revivalist Lou Engle: Matt carries the heartbeat of God
for this generation.He possesses a deep passion
for the Lord and a hunger
for true revival.

Lee Grady

Charisma Magazine charismamag.com
Matt Sorger is a man of God who has a passion to see the Church experience greater depths of God’s presence and power. He preaches with a fresh, dynamic anointing and is a voice God is raising up in this generation. His passion for God will ignite a fresh fire in your heart. I had the privilege of being part of Matt’s ordination which included many great men of God of this generation. I highly recommend Matt for ministry.

Bob Weiner

Weiner Ministries International, FL youthnow.org
Matt Sorger is a dynamic young man with many years of ministry experience. He is a man with a burning vision for revival and his hunger for God is contagious. His desire for a holy generation of activated believers will bless any congregation or conference.

Shirley Arnold

Tree of Life ChurchChurch, FL shirleyarnoldministries.org
I had numerous students from Long Island and the greater New York City area. One of the most utstanding was Matt Sorger from Selden. Surely, Matt is destined to make a significant impact on he Church and on his generation!

Eddie Hyatt

Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX cfni.org
Matt, I want to thank you so much for visiting our church and releasing the anointing of God. We have reports of numerous healings, salvations, and the mighty touch of God on the lives of our people. Thank you for your sacrificial love and passion to make Jesus big here in the northeast. I look forward to having you return to Gateway!

Brian Simmons

Gateway Christian Fellowship, CT
Matt Sorger is a new breed of evangelist and apostle. At the heart of apostolic ministry is reconciliation, with God and with human kind. Matt's inspiring ministry helps connect people to God and the community around them. He has an energy which is the envy of the young and it is infectious.

Gerald Coates

Pioneer Network, speaker, author, broadcaster, England
Matt is a wonderful representation of what a man of God is to be. He is a man of integrity and character and is superior in general ethical behavior, in relating to authority, and in reliability. I’ve also known Matt as a great preacher of the Word. He has a passion to preach to the lost and to see God change lives. He has my highest recommendation.

Dr. N. Benjamin Crandall

Chancellor of Zion Bible College, RI

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