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The Mission

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Our mission is to go to the darkest places of the earth and rescue children from the horrors of sex-trafficking and abandonment. Rescue1 is a sponsorship and outreach program that provides FULL CARE support to children rescued from dangerous trafficking situations, kidnapping, forced prostitution, and abandonment. Our goal is to see a minimum of 1,500 children rescued.

The Problem

1.8 million children are trafficked each year world-wide!


There are 3 million enslaved in sex-trafficking in India. 40% are children. That’s 1.2 million children forced into sex-trafficking in India.

There is an average of 20 million orphaned children in India. These children are extremely vulnerable to victimization and sexual exploitation.

There is almost 1 million children suffering from HIV in India.


There is an estimated 475,000 women and girls in the sex trade in the Philippines today. It has been rated a Tier 1 watchlist nation for human trafficking by the US State Department.

Child Trafficking in the Philippines: The UN estimates 100,000 children in the Philippines are trafficked into the sex trade each year.

Philippines Social Welfare Department: the annual increase of prostituted children is 3,266.
Philippines ranks fourth highest in the number of prostituted children.


Each year there is an estimated 800,000 adults and 20,000 children trafficked for sexual exploitation in Mexico. Mexico has been rated a Tier 2 watchlist nation for human trafficking from the US State Department, one step above the Tier 3 rating of countries with the worst human trafficking records.

The Solution

Rescue1 has established our team in India and has also teamed up with organizations on the ground in the Philippines, Mexico and Thailand to rescue and care for trafficked children. The children in our care range from 6 months to 21 years old. Our children are cared for in multiple FULL CARE facilities providing housing, safety, food, clothing, medical care, vocational training, counseling and emotional restoration.

What Makes Rescue1 Unique?

  • Rescue1 rescues and cares for children enslaved in sex-trafficking.
  • Rescue1 is a FULL CARE organization. Our children are 100% provided for. Most humanitarian organizations supply food for children living in impoverished areas of the world.
  • Many relief organizations feed children that already have a home and existing family. Rescue1 cares for children that have NO family at all.
  • Most Christian relief organizations function in Christianized nations where it is easier to build. Rescue1 operates in both Christianized and un-Christianized nations, including India.
  • Rescue1 is a Christian organization based on biblical values. Our children are not only rescued from severe trauma, but they are are given the opportunity to find Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Your sponsorship contributes towards the housing, food, clothing, education, medical care, therapy and security of the child or children you sponsor.

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