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Are you Binding & Loosing Correctly?

What you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Do you understand how to correctly bind and loose so your prayers are powerful and effective and produces results? Learn how in this LIVE STREAM with Matt.


I just learned about this today and hopped on for the first time. I could absolutely feel the glory in my kitchen! As I mentioned in the YouTube comments, the tangible presence of electricity and weightiness was so present, and when you prayed for everyone’s thought life, I saw a quick image of a sick root system that was wrapped around what appeared to be Earth. The more you prayed, the more the root unraveled and the more freedom and light I could feel. Resonated personally, but also collectively. How cool!
And when you spoke my comment aloud and quickly prayed for me, head to toe heat flooded my body…and the tears…and then I found myself hopping around my kitchen praying in the spirit doing some sort of declaratory dance that I couldn’t interpret. Laughter followed. It was great. You also called out knees and hips, which I was asking God for healing in both of those areas earlier today. 
Thank you for this space you are creating. It is water to a parched land!
Northern Illinois

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