God is Empowering You for 2018

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All the limits are coming off!

God has been aligning you for your next season. You are positioned for increase.

There is a fresh wind of God that is blowing over the church. He is forming a new wineskin that will be able to hold and facilitate what is being poured out. You are a part of that wineskin.

God wants to accelerate His presence and power in your life and in the life of your family. Get ready for open doors of favor. Position your heart and spirit for it.

Your time in the secret place will prepare you for your next level. Spend time with God and let your heart be saturated with His word.

To jump into the New Year we have prepared for you special packages that will saturate your heart and mind with both God's word and His fresh anointing.

Click on them to find out more information. Each package is available in both CD and MP3.

Scroll to the bottom for a decree.

I decree over you today that you are going to a higher level of God's anointing and power on your life! You will walk with Him in the secret place and know the saturations of His glory!

In Jesus name!

~ Matt Sorger



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