Her Mother Tried to Kill Her!

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Bagam's Story

3 million people are enslaved by sex-trafficking in India.

40% are children.

Bagam was spared this fate because of Rescue1. 

But there are more children waiting to be rescued.

Rescue1 is one of the few organizations actively working in India to rescue children from sex-trafficking and street abandonment. Most organizations are focusing their relief effort in Christianized countries where it is easier to operate.

Rescue1 currently has rescued 160 children. 36 of these children are still in need of an immediate monthly sponsor. They are praying you are one.

When you sponsor a child you will receive the name and photo of the child you are helping. Sponsorship contributes towards a child’s housing, food, clothing, medical needs, education and vocational training. 

Please respond TODAY so we can fully protect these 36 children that have been rescued. We don’t want to have to turn one away! But we need YOU. 

YES! I want to sponsor a rescued child and keep them safe!



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